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Your most influential past job?
Most people have a pretty diverse work history before they "settle" down into what they end up doing "till the end".

My formative years (about 15 of them) were spent peddling $20-$25 merchandise door-to-door. Sounds crazy, I know but I loved it, and made great money too! Usually between $800- $1500 a week. That was when minimum wage earned you about $140 a week for 40 hours (before taxes).
The stuff I learned in that job has positively influenced every single aspect of my life since, no joke.
Self-reliance, self confidence, people skills, speaking skills, etc...They have all been of use to me since then.
I look back on those days fondly and with great appreciation.

What jobs from your past have given you some unexpected benefits over the years?
I was an avionics electronics technician with the United States Air Force, 1973 to 1977. It accelerated my becoming mature, determined, and disciplined. It gave me the technical background that later enabled me to have a 30 year career with the Federal Aviation Administration. It also gave me my first exposure to other country's customs, cultures, and languages. It wasn't all good but, much of it was, and the decision to join was one of the better decisions I made during that period of my life. Chuck
I gotta go with a similar note: I was a Communications/Computer Systems Operator for the Air Force from 1986-1996. Being in the military set the tone for just about all aspects of my professional life, starting as an apprentice operator, working just about every aspect of the job they could throw at me, including switchboard operator to becoming the Wing Computer Security Manager prior to getting out.

After leaving Active Duty, I worked as a contractor in the same work centers that I'd been working while in the Air Force, although from the other side of the coin in becoming a computer/network maintenance technician.

After learning the ins and outs of IT hardware maintenance, then network and systems administration, and having to teach WAY too many people making more than I was how to do their jobs, I took my current job as the IT Security Manager for the Training Group (all of the other machines I wasn't responsible for as Wing COMPUSEC Manager) - which also numbers much greater than the rest of the base.

Each job has been influential in its own way... but the job where I've had the most influence is my current job.


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i picked avocados for a time when things got hard made about 40$ a day and got to eat all the soft ones that fell on the ground does that count?
Everything counts if you think it does.

The whole point of this thread was that many people's most effective skills and habits originate from places you would never expect. I just like to hear about other's positive influences in thier lives.
Strategic IT Software Medical Compliance /Legal....... uhhh ooops "Affordable Care Act"

Ohhh and ya'll cant ban me ..."HE " ask the question..I simply answered it.

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
Jim and Jutta;184832 Wrote:A Daddy.
I understand what you meant and agree. I'm just not sure that privilege and obligation ever ends. At least I hope it doesn't. I did indeed learn a lot about the developing teenage brain and myself. Chuck
Are you saying teenagers have developing brains? When did that start? Did I miss a memo or something? Smile
Working away as a 17yo on large construction jobs. Learned self reliance, learned to stick up for myself and stand by my decisions. Worked as a bouncer at about 18 learned quick thinking is important and everybody thinks their a badass until you meet one.

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
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