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You're now in 1971...
(06-09-2019, 01:33 AM)1sostatic Wrote:
(06-08-2019, 07:11 PM)Spike Morelli Wrote: Maybe a clearer picture of those sideburns. Photo is of me on left, my sister and brother, in 1971. Those are definitely polyester shirts too, I might add......
[Image: family-photos.jpg]

OMFG Haha ... the decade when good taste in haute couture and style went on a very long holiday.  Tongue   I mean look at your friend in his open shirt, hairy chest medallion, Bee Gees look with the Viva Zapata moustache. OMFG...someone find me a bucket. I bet she's thinking ..."please find me a time machine outta here". 

I look at photo's of my parents thinking..."what magic mushrooms was everybody on"?  .... burn all your photo albums to remove the evidence FFS

...just think 2500 years from now archaeologists are going to dig that photo up and realize; that's how the human race went back into the trees.  Big Grin

I'm a very chill sort of guy, but you do realize that's his sister and brother in that pic, right?  Fun is fun, but I wouldn't be dissing the guy's family members.  I had a mustache and medium-length hair late 1970's through mid-1980's.  I had a string of hot cars, a number of girlfriends (less than 10), and not exaggerating I "did the deed" 1000+ times during that era.  I only mention this since you wondered how people got laid back then. LOL  After I got married in 1994, not so much, more like -1000 times. Sometimes I wouldn't mind revisiting that era...  Without smartphones, you had to actually come up with things to do with people in person, or tear cars apart, etc.
(06-10-2019, 02:30 PM)donkost Wrote:
(06-09-2019, 03:56 PM)Spike Morelli Wrote: !sostatic….
                 How did guys ever get laid looking like that?  Compared to today, I'd say easily and just as often, if not more. We didn't "text", "E-mail", facetime, or "Twitter" a girl,.....we actually talked to them. The 70s youth had face to face people skills. The Hair and clothing styles today will seem just as weird to the generation 20 years from now. Clothing styles had nothing to do with it. The beginning of the seventies was kind of a continuation of the late sixties. There was still a bit of "peace and love" in the air, and "the pill", made available in the sixties helped that to happen. Compared to today's bullshit, it was a better time, gas was 36.9 cents where I worked after school in High School , people spoke their minds as there was no "political correctness" being pervasively pushed on you. Terrorism and ISIS weren't here. Aids wasn't either widely known of, or discovered yet.  Rock n Roll was still king prior to the New Wave and Punk and ( ugh ) disco. Black American music artists were still considered amongst the finest, Rap didn't exist.  In 1971, the Arab Oil Embargo, along with the gas crisis was still a few years away, so high performance cars and muscle cars were still prowling every city in the U.S.  Back in 1971, you could be fresh out of school, looking for work, and you could find a job within a day. Girls didn't de-face their bodies with tats and guys kept their pants up at waist level. Drive-bys, car chases on the nightly news, and people shooting other people with guns was unheard of then. If only we could have forseen the future, we'd have known just how good we had it.

Amen brother- you summed up everything quite well.  I'm 55 so you're probably early 60's now?  The 70's was one of the greatest decades, and there were only a few more decent ones remaining prior to 9/11 and the shitstorm we have had afterward.  When I saw that pic of your sister and brother, the first thing I thought of was "Laurie Partridge" when I saw your sister.  There were quite a few girls who looked like that back then.  Your older brother looks quite devious in that picture, as he should be.  lol  (I am the older brother in my family).  Talking about music- I began playing guitar in '76 and I was in a Beatles tribute band in '78, only 8 years after they had officially broken up.  We could get paid gigs just by word of mouth, and we played top 40 covers for a few years after that before everyone went their own ways.  This was back when a ton of people played some sort of musical instrument.  I always knew of a few guitarists, bassists, drummers, etc. looking to jam.  You probably remember it- with a few phone calls (using a corded landline phone) you could put a new band together.  heh  I have worked in IT for 33+ years, and unfortunately now the only instruments that young people are playing are their smartphones.
I'm 64 now. I also was a musician. I played drums in Jr. High School in a group with some other kids. Covers natch, we were rough but who wasn't at that age? I got into a band as a senior in High School in '73 as a singer, became one of the lead singers, continued on ( keeping my day job) until '86 when I went full-time. Sang professionally until '97. Divorce complications made going out on the road impossible. I build engines now.
   Talk about those 70s hairstyles...as a singer, your look is part of the act, and I was no different. Check out these hair photos of me as a singer, circa '86 to '97...
[Image: Spike-single-band-headshot-promo.jpg]

[Image: backstage-hairdo-in-Paris-France.jpg]
That's awesome man- I don't even see how that second hairstyle is technically possible!
Nothing spikey there, more like a reversed beehive  Tongue thumb

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
(06-10-2019, 12:59 PM)Pegleg Wrote: Bring back national service and conscript ALL 18 year olds into the armed services for 3 years. That would sort most of todays problems

Mmm, I'm one of these poor bastards who was forced to "serve" 1 year in french army. I've wasted a year.
Thing is, inside, you are to the pros who signed for it, the stupid young man that is good only to do the tasks that they are supposed to do but too lazy to do themselves. I've been stationed in 3 bases, same everywhere. There is nothing good about this and solves nothing except politicians could say unemployment for 18-21 has dropped thanks to their politics. Respect for one another is something you learn from your entourage at young age and form it further on your own as you mature. Certainly not values I've experienced in the army.

As being back in 71... I was 4, and hated the clothes my mom put on me. Elephant pipes always in my way, ridiculous colour combos...had to wait till I was 14 for a descent pair of jeans!
Had tons of Matchbox and Dinky cars, didn't know back then that my fav yellow with big chrome engine car was a replica of a car I'd spend my weekends to restore almost 50 years later Smile
Car wise I don't regret this period nor the 80's at all. In Paris, all I saw daily we're saying nothing asthmatic Citroen, Peugeots, Renaults... Things changed when I first red a french magazine called "Nitro". I knew I had to have a US car one day and that's exactly what I did before I turned 19! Still have that 73.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
I'm for once speechless.  Haha ... now I know you are all nut jobs 

@Spike ... I'm sure you were with the band Landscape... or was it the Thompson Twins Big Grin... but that's the 80's.....

.... Oh hang on - I had a mullet in 80's ... OMFG .... 1sostaic hides under the stairs in embarrassment

[Image: siggy.jpg]

(06-11-2019, 06:58 AM)Fabrice Wrote: As being back in 71... I was 4, and hated the clothes my mom put on me. Elephant pipes always in my way, ridiculous colour combos...had to wait till I was 14 for a descent pair of jeans!
Had tons of Matchbox and Dinky cars, didn't know back then that my fav yellow with big chrome engine car was a replica of a car I'd spend my weekends to restore almost 50 years later Smile
Car wise I don't regret this period nor the 80's at all.

Right there with ya, Brutha - across the board! Technically though, I was only 3 in 1971, since I was born on New Years' Eve of 1971.

I like '80s cars just fine as well. I would've loved to have owned an '82-'88 Trans Am particularly, but my first car was an '82 Mustang GL hatchback (still miss that car).

Back to the original topic: were I of age and had the means, I would've ordered a Grabber Yellow & Black M-Code Mach 1, with FMX, 3.50 gears, power steering, power brakes, A/C, no stripes, no spoilers, and no Ram Air (would've added it later with the hood locks) - I actually like the clean look with just the rockers painted black. Interior would've been Ginger Deluxe with full gauges, power windows, power locks, and rear window defroster along with a nice stereo that would've gotten upgraded later when cassettes came out. Sport covers for the wheels, that just would've gotten swapped for some fat BFGs and 15" Keystone Classics or Torque Thrusts. I would've also added rear window louvers, Lakewoods, jacked-up the back a few inches, and tossed on some of those cheesy black plastic mud flaps.

Pretty much the same car I have now, except that mine was an H-Code with factory Ram Air, Pewter & Black, Black Deluxe interior, no A/C, and 3.00 gears. I went with Cragars since I've never actually seen a set of 15" Keystone Classics, and everybody has Torque Thrust IIs on their hot rods around here.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
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