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WTB 71 Mach 1 auto to top loader swap. Need parts!
Hi all! In the process of restoring a 71 mach 1 auto and looking to convert it over to a top loader. I need everything for the swap. Let me know what you have to offer! Thanks!
Parts are available..... maybe, but not cheap and you'll still likely to need to rebuild the top loader and shifter.
Personally if I were going the 4 speed rout on a conversion and I think others will agree, buy a Tremek 5 speed or even a 6 speed. Check out "Modern Drivelines" as I believe they have everything to do a far better conversion.
That's just what I'd be looking at, but your choice of course.

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There's nobody that likes a 4-speed better than me, but I agree with Geoff, if I were going to convert, it would be to at least a 5-speed. Nothing like having low gears and an overdrive, got it on both ends that way.

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I have a 4-speed/Manual pedal box I can part with.


Oh and I have a couple of 5 Speeds. In the Kansas City area.
Piecing everything together can get pricey. Things like the clutch fork in particular may be hard to find and expensive
Buying everything together at at around 2k. + and having to restore the components gets you into buying a whole parts car and selling off what you don't need territory. All that makes the tko conversion pretty attractive in the long run.
I found a 1971 Auto top loader  whistling

[Image: top-loader.jpg]

[Image: siggy.jpg]

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(05-11-2019, 06:30 PM)MSteng890 Wrote: Hi all! In the process of restoring a 71 mach 1 auto and looking to convert it over to a top loader. I need everything for the swap. Let me know what you have to offer! Thanks!

Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Go to the introduction page and introduce yourself. This is a great site with a bunch of great guys. Good luck with your build!

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I have a clutch pedal assembly

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I do have everything from flywheel to drive shaft but it would be very expensive.
If you try to buy pieces it will take forever to find them.
The pedal assemblies are different for manual brakes and power also.
A rough list:
Roller bearing pilot bushing in crankshaft.
Clutch disc
Pressure plate
Throw out bearing
Clutch fork
Adjusting rod
Tension spring for adjusting rod
Z-Bar with bushings
Z-Bar pivot bracket on chassis
Z-Bar pivot bracket for Bell housing
Clutch pedal to Z bar rod
Clutch Brake pedal assembly
Transmission cross member, Some auto are same as manual.
Transmission rubber mount
Top Loader Transmission, Dan Williams will rebuild for $350 + parts but shipping is a killer. http://toploadertransmissions.com/dwt-re...ervice.php
Shifter, 71 had a flat shifter 72 73 round
Shifter boot very difficult to find good for flat shifter
Some early cars had a rubber boot cover on the shifter under floor
Plastic shifter boot trim goes under console
Drive shaft
Might need speedometer gear change not sure?
Did not list bolts you can make do if you do not have.
So that is quite a shopping list to go find individual pieces. As someone stated a good rusty parts car is your best bet or keep and eye out on the insurance sites for crashed cars.
I doubt that $3,000 would by my complete set up.
Going with 5 speed is for sure easier in some ways but also not just a cheap solution.
Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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