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[WTB] 70-73 drum brake spindles (and hubs if you have them)

70-73 drum brake spindles.  Must be in excellent condition.  No pitting on seal surface, no damage from spun bearings.  Pedigree of the car they came off of has to be known with no front end damage.

Hubs not needed but I will buy them if you have them.

No need for backing plates or drums.

Also willing to trade for a complete disk brake spindle set with disks, calipers etc off my unwrecked 73 rust bucket parts car.  

I have a set from a '71 6-cylinder convertible that I won't be using, but they would cost a small fortune to ship to California from Minnesota. The car has never been hit. I am the 2nd owner from 1980.

Hmm.  I don't know if the ones off the 6cyl cars were the same.  I know the 4 lug hubs won't do me any good.

I 'll look into that tomorrow and clarify the ad.

Thanks for the reply!
Bentworker, the drum brake spindles were the same for all 71-73 Mustangs regardless of engine size. The hub and drums were also all 5 lug for all 71-73's. Hopefully this will help make your search a little easier.


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

Thanks for the clarification!

Mike I will send you a PM in a few minutes.

Thanks again guys,
Mike's parts can't be removed from his car for inspection for at least two weeks. I'll probably end up with them but If anybody else has a line on spindles please let me know.

My car will be ready for spindles next Saturday. I do have a set I can use to get it rolling again, but the inner bearing race spun and damaged them bad enough that they belong in the scrap bin.

Anybody else have any spindles? Mike's turned out to be in roughly the same condition as the ones I have (not horrible, not great) Also looked at a set off Craigslist... that were worse.

If anyone has a set that does not have the groove cut into the shoulder where the inner bearing race contacts the spindle please get in touch.


[Image: IMG_1920.jpg]

upload multiple images
Anybody else out there?

Thanks again,
(03-17-2017, 05:07 PM)Bentworker Wrote: Anybody else out there?  

Thanks again,

Yesterday I removed the front drum brake assembly and spindles of my 1971 Mach 1. I was actually doing a search for spindles to see if there was any market for them or if they are a throw away item. If you are still in need, I can clean them up and take photos of them. I did not inspect them when I removed them. I'm located in California.

Take some pictures of them and let me know.

Most likely the spindles are no better than the ones I have, but I would be interested in your hubs so I have a spare set.

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