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[WTB] 1973 Mustang front calipers
After changed the master cylinder kit, I wanted to flush air in break system, The flush screw broke up, will be the same for the next one (front). I tried to remove the srew, but it's so "welded" that i couldn't.
If you have a pair in good condition (calipers), I use PayPal, did already some purchase with guys here.
Thank you.
How about getting them here? https://www.rockauto.com/catalog/x,carco...ttype,1704
They ship internationally. Chuck
Hi Chuck,
Thanks, I checked already, this is one of my supplyer.
What would be your choice between Wagner, cardone, Raybestos and Cenrix?
First I want to see if someone here get this in his garage, second hand in good condition.
I'd choose Raybestos or Wagner. Cordon's quality is hit and miss and I know nothing about Centric. Chuck
Personally, I would much rather take my chances on any remanufactured/new caliper compared to a used one, regardless of price.
The benefits far outweigh the cost difference.

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Just a note about the stuck adjuster.
I put a very small amount of never seize or anti seize on the threads only when I put these in. There are several brands and I think they all work. Just do not get it on the end where it might get into the brake fluid. Use it on any bolts that get stuck over time like thermostat housing, headers, exhaust donuts, screws that go into water jacket anything that is difficult to get out over time. Of course do not put it on fasteners that are torque critical like flywheel, rods and such they might come loose.
This stuff can save you thousands on the new Ford 4.6 and 5.4 engines by putting on the spark plugs. Some shops make you sign a release that if the rear plugs break during a tune up you have to pay to pull the head to get it out crazy expensive on some models. Aluminum heads and spark plugs love to stick together.
MotoArts;214175 Wrote:Personally, I would much rather take my chances on any remanufactured/new caliper compared to a used one, regardless of price.
The benefits far outweigh the cost difference.

On any brake parts that hold fluid go with new

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