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Worry about buying a car???
So you want a car do you? Undecided … You ponder for a while wondering how you can talk yourself (and maybe the wife also) into making either a galactic mistake or take a golden opportunity. Either you decide on the tiresome activity of leafing your way through all the classified ads… or, like a penitent lamb to the slaughter, you take yourself off to your fav dealership and have someone, who’s only care in the world is volume sales, talk you into the next puerile, miserable Euro-box, or gargantuan pickup truck, the size of earth moving equipment with an interior made from used wheelie bins, or tiddly little rice burner. Chin
To add to your injuries in this process; the baggy suited, slimy guy whose name always seems to be “Bob” Confused … hooks you in with what looks like a deal with his questionable negotiating skills, strengthened by the starting values artificially made by the Motor Corporations; he then beats you up on price, with the hidden costs, extras, service agreement, extended warranty etc.
Taken it up the tailpipe yet?  thumb
You lay awake at night, mind consumed by every little detail hoping you’re not getting ripped. Part of your mind is agonizing over the options lists (if new) , if second hand , previous owners, servicing schedules, if anything has hurt the youthful little shit-box through its Lilliputian 2.5 years of life and 20k or so lightly tickled miles. WTF!  Undecided
Why worry?
Try buying a 48 year old f**k-face Big Grin and see how you fare. Knowing full well once you’ve made the commitment the “work” begins… New rack, shocks, exhausts, bushings, oil, oil filter, brakes etc. And if you really bought your time machine to really hump you in the ass…new fenders, floorpans, rear valence, fuel tank, trunk floor, trunk lid, suspension bosses, new chrome and hood.
There are some compensations however,
My Mustang 351C (5.8ltr), Zero tax (more than 30yrs old) £140 insurance, tyres £90 per corner.  Against
my Mercedes CLK350 – used to hammer me for £780 tax, £690 insurance and a full set of tyres £200 per corner. My XK8 £390 annual insurance, £720 tax and get this... £390 per corner for round black things.

Just for fun, the CLK also stuck its hand right up me, ripped out my colon with 50% depreciation in the first year....Taken it up the tailpipe yet?  thumb
At least with a 48 yr old, you don’t have to carry an interface and a laptop to fix the car …. What cock sniffing, uni-browed, helmet cheese, frog f**ker thought repairing a car by going up to it with a laptop to extract some encrypted code thinks that's a good idea? ...I want them here so I can hammer their cock wafer thin then nail-gun it to a desk. whistling

[Image: Big-burrbly.jpg]

My car on the right needs a f**king laptop for even the most minor incident -- Whereas the gorgeous car on the left, if float chamber sticks, needs only to be tapped with a spanner. Thankyouyellow
Now you have an increasing value item of awesome beauty on your driveway getting looks from every passer by …even the postman bringing you the next CJPony bill, leaves a trail of drool across your property. Bravo

[Image: siggy.jpg]

I was lucky with the metal as there was only a hole the size of your little finger in drivers floor. However the car spent its life in a desert state before imported to UK. This meant every single rubber. plastic, and cloth part on the car is scrap.
When i first made the decision to remove and strip down the engine when i purchased the car i made the decision then to end up with a brand new car when i had finished. I didnt go for NOS or repair/restore old parts. I decided to put repop items back.
3 years down the line and the engine has been stripped and rebuilt. Engine bay, underside, and trunk bare metalled and resprayed. This year i hope to get the heater-A/C recommisioned, interior bare metalled and resprayed along with the all the trim and dash. I am sure all wiring behind the dash will need replacing when i inspect it just like the wiring that fell apart under the hood once it all got disturbed

1971 Grandé
That's funny... made my morning
I don't know if I'd totally agree....comparing a 46 year old tarted up Falcon to a modern luxury car strikes me as a little not fair. But I will give kudos for literary ...flair!
While I thoroughly enjoy my 7 liter 73 Mach 1 it is a joke, as it should be, with my 2017 Boxster S.

[Image: haann7O.jpg]
I really want to buy a car, but for now I only have enough money for wheels Smile Maybe someone can suggest an inexpensive, good model? I like the Audi brand
(03-17-2019, 10:01 PM)EdM Wrote: While I thoroughly enjoy my 7 liter 73 Mach 1 it is a joke, as it should be, with my 2017 Boxster S.

[Image: haann7O.jpg]
That's a nice car. Just no way to compare that driving experience, is there? I have an '08 Mustang GT, but for pure fun to drive, my old 87 RX7 was a blast.
(Yesterday, 03:29 AM)nina.bird007 Wrote: I really want to buy a car, but for now I only have enough money for wheels Smile Maybe someone can suggest an inexpensive, good model? I like the Audi brand

I reckon you got to stick to peddle power

1971 Grandé
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