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Woot! Scored a flat hood!
I picked up an original flat hood today for a few hundred dollars. Outside looks great but it’s going to need treatment and cleaning. Nevertheless I’m very happy with this original part looking better than what I got (except for the orange).

[Image: 3bcf0302adb9af42d7a555b1b501cdf6.jpg]

[Image: e43b2b8ae44f03d28f8ba9cd8a1cca88.jpg]
Vinnie, that hood looks like you scored a great deal. The cleaning and treatment shouldn't  be a problem for you now, since you paid a visit to our buddy "Chef" Fabrice!  Now that you know how to cook nuts, bolts, and hardware, treating the inside of that hood with the special vinegar sauce should put you on the way to becoming a Master Chef also!  


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Haha maybe they shoud add cooking hardware to the Masterchef show on tv ;-)
Nice one Vinnie!
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Congrats! Looks great on your Opel !
Lol @secluff for now, I'm cooking deck lids. I thought I'd be doing the hood by now but some hidden holes came in between...
Hope to cook it very soon...

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Congrats on the nice score!!!!!!!!!


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(09-29-2018, 03:33 PM)Fabrice Wrote: I thought I'd be doing the hood by now but some hidden holes came in between...
Hope to cook it very soon...

I think I’ll be talking to you about that coz I really want this hood to stay in shape :-)
Nice score and already painted LOL!

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(09-29-2018, 04:06 PM)NOT A T5 Wrote: Nice score and already painted LOL!

Thanks and yeah, lovely orange ;-)
Wow you are a parts hound for sure. Finding lots of good stuff.
Saw a NOS Ford flat hood on ebay yesterday I think it was starting price of $1,500, they are crazy. There was a fastback quarter panel I think it was $3,000, lol.

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