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Woodgrain vinyl sources?
Anyone have sources for replacement woodgrain vinyl for the door panels and center instrument cluster/console?
(10-02-2010, 08:38 AM)f117rt Wrote: Anyone have sources for replacement woodgrain vinyl for the door panels and center instrument cluster/console?

Good question, I researched last Spring and could not find any sources. Anyone have any ideas! I've thought about looking at wood grain shelf paper.

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Me, too. The only major aesthetic issue I have right now is the interior door panels. If you find something, please post it here.



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Hey guys, take a visit to your local sign shop. They should be able to steer you toward a high-quality adhesive backed vinyl film in woodgrain that should meet your needs. It'll be a special order item, but a professional, friendly shop should be willing to handle it for you. If you have trouble, let me know and I can help. We've been in the sign and graphics business for just about 10 years.

Also a different method would be to check into a method called "water hydro imaging". I have used Atlanta Hydroimaging. If you do a google search on this it will come up with several companies that offer many different designs.
Just another option to consider. in my garage photos you can see my dash bezel they done in carbon fiber for me.

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