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Wood grain replacement?
My center guage panel wood grain is all messed up.  I would like to keep it but in its present condition it is too bad to reuse.

Do they make replacement woodgrain?
Is it hard to install correctly?
How do you remove the old stuff?

1972 Mach 1 351 cj 4speed
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They do make repo for the wood grain for the center dash. I would use a heat gun to warm up the old and see if it releases. The plastic is ABS so you can use lacquer thinner to clean it. Do a spot check to make sure I have based this on cleaning consoles with thinner. We are close to NPD so check with them in Charlotte. I know they have the whole panel with wood grain for $216.58 so they should also have the wood grain insert.
You will probably want to repaint the panel also. The chrome is usually bad on them and I have found nothing that makes it look right. I cut narrow tape to put over the chrome when painting.
When you put new on you will test fit with the protective paper still on. When it looks like a fit then start at the bottom and work your way up. Put masking tape at the top to hold the decal in place and have extra hands. I do not know if the soapy water water trick works with this type adhesive. I would ask NPD about instructions also. Extra hands always help.

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