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Wire Harness
Has anyone redone there underhood harness most of my clips that hold it to the aprons are all broke and I cant find anything close to original they are the ones under the black tape that raps the harness
I did but I used a donor harness from a 73 convertible for clips and undamaged connectors.

It might be impossible to find the clips any other way.

Basically I stripped all the black tape off, then repaired the wires and connectors removed the broken clips from the black plastic backbone that uses staples, and spliced in all the replacement clips.

Even the donor had busted clips. I was able to replace 97% of the clips between the donor and my original, then I rewrapped my harness in black tape and put all the paper labels from my original harness back on.
Isn't NPD selling the clips now? I thought I saw the ones for the main engine harness( lights to firewall) in the cataloge.


[Image: 1_14_01_12_10_54_29.png]


73 Convertible 302-4v-3spd yellow /white int

08 Bullitt 4.6-5 spd black/black int

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy
Will this help?

Item #71Z-WC
71-73 WIRING CLIP KIT - 48 pieces in nine individual fastener kits. Picture is a representation, kits differ by year, this kit includes the fasteners listed on the details page.

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Tnfastbk;12065 Wrote:Will this help?

Item #71Z-WC
71-73 WIRING CLIP KIT - 48 pieces in nine individual fastener kits. Picture is a representation, kits differ by year, this kit includes the fasteners listed on the details page.

I think they ment the plastic "T" shaped clips that goes into the take of every harness, including the ones you can see in the engine bay. That clips has a pin in what it should be the shorter vertical stick of the "T" thats the only one visible when the tape is on and goes into the round holes (about 1/4" diam) and keeps the harness firm to the body....

If they ment another thing, then you´re right Tongue

Damián Cool

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Amk does not sell the clips that are part of the harness there are also 3 different styles that go in the harness the clips that on top of the Strut Rod cross member support are angled 90s for more clearance, the other clips are Ts, then there was a smaller diameter clip with a short nose that went around the battery tray area. all of the clips are stapled onto a plastic backer that runs the length of the wire harness and is locked together with the wires by using the black wire loom tape.

the wire harness was so much fun to repair, there are sections of the harness that are molded together with black rubberized plastic where a wire Tees off to an accessory. Of course when you need to make a splice repair you have to carefully carve out these rubberized plastic blocks that surround all the wires just to get at what you need.

i highly recommend working on a 2 foot section of the harness at a time and work your way from one end to the other only unwrapping and re wrapping as you go to prevent a spaghetti factory from occurring.
yea it looks like i'm going to check into a donar harness or just use the newer style clips around the outside of the harness untill I find something that will work.THanks for the pic tnfastbk I bought that kit with CJ Pony and that style is not in there.Cutting one or two feet at a time is definitly the way to do it Thanks guys
Napa also has classic Ford clips and hardware. Ask to see their catalog.
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