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Wiper Motor Install
I had to buy a new wiper motor. It has been so long since I removed it. Any installation diagrams or videos would be helpful to reinstall it. Also, I have removed the original pigtail from the old motor. It looks like the connection from the motor to the feed was soldered and shrink wrapped together. Was this the factory way to connect? 
Also, what is the factory color to paint the mounting plate? 
[Image: 72_Motor.jpg]


Brian Kulis
Hi Brian,

I too went through the same procedure with a new motor. I simply cut off my original pigtail and soldered it onto the leads of the new motor. Shrink wrap the connections and slip over some protective wiring cover.

The connections if I remember were pretty straight forward, I followed the color coded wiring that came with the unit I had purchased through Rock Auto.

As for paint, I am not too sure about correct color. Someone else will have to answer that question. I painted the plate silver to resemble a natural steel color and also to break up the boring uniform black coating.

Make sure to keep the ground strap clean and free of paint as it needs to contact cowl assembly for proper motor operation.

Good Luck with install!


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[Image: IMG_5305.jpg]

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This may help some, not a great picture. Chuck
[Image: IMG_0390.jpg]
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If i recall correctly the picture i saw of another members motor the body was black with the nyellow cover as in the picture posted C9ZX and the bracket was a metal unpainted. Will check mine tomorrow and post a pic

1971 Grandé
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