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Windshield Base Trim
Can someone tell me the correct way to install the Windshield Base Trim?
The plastic channel on the lower edge of the front window.

I bought a new one.  It came packaged from Daniel Carpenter, rolled into a circle in the opposite direction of the arc of
of a windshield.  It sat in the bag for a year.  When I tried to straighten it out, it has "memory" formed so bad that it kinks.
I'm trying to get it to relearn its shape by weighting it down with books on a flat surface and gradually straightening it out.

This must glue on, right?

I can't imagine the "new" piece I'm dealing with actually staying put on the edge of the windshield...

Any thoughts?

Knowing from new just slip on (no glue). Just the 2 supports held it on.
Try putting in the sun on hot pavement to help soften it before straightening it. Originals did not use any glue.

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Thank you for the response...  It tells me what I was afraid of...

My "new" base has been in a heated house for a week, weighted down by books in a straight position..
remove the books and...boing....back into a position that would never stay on the glass edge...a giant "U"
That's a bummer issue with material memory.

Actually, putting a small dab of waterproof adhesive ('Gorilla Glue' or some other urethane adhesive) would probably hold it in place once it's cured and would not be noticeable. Down side will be it's permanently attached and won't be able to be re-used if you ever have to replace the windshield.
These are a pain in the ass for sure. I had issues with my new one as well, but not as bad. I took a heat gun set on medium and gently warmed up the strip as I put it in place. The two supports were removed temporarily for ease. At first, it stayed in place until the sun got to it, then it started to pop off right were the tightest curve is on either side. There is a wonderful product that I love, used it professionally in my work for years. It's called Automotive GOOP, black in color. What I did was just to apply the GOOP to the channel where the worst problem was, then taped it in place until the GOOP set. The beauty of this stuff is it is removable from glass. Any overage can be removed with a razor. That was 2 years ago and it's still in place. The only downside with this product is there is no application nozzle provided, why I don't know, it makes it hard to apply in tight places, and the thread is too large to use one off an RTV tube, damn it!! One 'trick' is to take an application nozzle from a RTV tube and remove the thread with a suitable tool, then tape the nozzle in place. GOOP is NOT an RTV. It is a rubberized adhesive.
Tape the channel in place while applying it. Meant to say that before!! "Automotive GOOP" should be available at your automotive store or good hardware store.
Hope that helps,
Thanks for more great thoughts.  I appreciate them.

I'm almost glad to hear that it is a known issue to others than myself.
(12-20-2017, 09:49 AM)andy72 Wrote: Thanks for more great thoughts.  I appreciate them.

I'm almost glad to hear that it is a known issue to others than myself.

 You're welcome. Hope you get it installed to your liking. They are a pain for sure.
 Where I see the problem is the strips are molded/extruded straight, then rolled up, but we need to bend them against the open channel, which causes a 'pucker' in it at the tightest curved section. I believe it is this combined with the sun's heat that will cause it to pop off later. Even GOOP may not hold it forever, but at least it can easily be fixed at that point.
Merry Christmas to all,

This may be a red neck way of making it look right but we just masked off the bottom 1/4 inch of the windshield and painted it flat black before it was installed. 

- Paul
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