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window grease
the windows are really hard to move up and down. its manual windows and has been sitting for who knows how long. the windows are also a bit unstable and can wobble when going up and down. does anyone know how to grease the window tracks and gears and what grease to use?
For the gears and rollers, use white lithium grease.. For the tracks, use silicone jell...
Seriously though, pull the regulator, clean it well and re-lube so it moves freely.. As for the tracks, I suggest a tooth brush, soap and water to remove the crud build up.. Let them dry and wipe down with the silicone jell..
Completely agree with Piper. The grease has dried out after 40+ years of sitting. The factory shop manual has a procedure to adjust the windows, makes a world of difference.

Since you mention that they wobble, check for worn nylon rollers and guides. The thick cotton felt glass guides are probably worn down to nothing.

Might be time to remove the glass and complete assemblies, clean 'em and reinstall. It will probably be the last time you'll need to do it as long as you own the car. Sounds daunting, but it's not very difficult once you figure the assembly out. Use a helper when removing the glass to prevent scratches.
I saw the really bad word used SILICONE. I worked in the automotive world the last 25 years, Ford, BMW, Honda, Toyota, John Deere, Nissan and every paint issue I have ever seen was tracked back to something with Silicone in it. Something as simple as underarm antiperspirant or a wrist band supporting cancer research cost millions.
Yes silicone is a lubricant but it is also the worst thing to ever have around your car if you ever want to repaint it. Very small PPM readings cause fish eyes in paint and can ruin a paint job.
I would suggest that you do as has already been suggested take the whole mechanism out clean all the old grease out replace worn parts. If rusty blast it and you can take the whole window mech. to a plating shop and have zinc plating put back on with chromate flash and lube with Lucas Oil Products, Inc. RED "N" TACKY #2. It is a red colored grease that has a anti-seize built in. I just did my 73 vert and it was amazing the difference from just cleaning and lubing with this grease. They go up and down with not drag and no sounds.
The old white grease was the thing years ago. This material is also a lithium grease but with modern updates.
This grease also works great in the wiper motor gear drive and power window boxes and tilt colums.
My opinion,

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
thanks for all the help guys!
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