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Window felt
Hello all,  A while ago I ordered a set of window felt for our 73 convert. I ordered from a company called Repops. They were recommended as having good quality repro parts. When I got the kit and compared it to the original  parts there was a big difference in size on the felt that attached to the doors. So much so that I contacted the company and explained what I was seeing. They confirmed that they shipped the correct kit but sent another one just to be sure. The second kit has the same issue. See pictures. The top is the original door felt, the lower one is the repro. It is much smaller. It seems that the window will not be guided correctly with the smaller felt and could possible come in contact with the metal on the door at the top. Ford must have had a reason for making the original the size it was so seems strange the repop is so much different. Had anyone else replaced the door felt and did the part match or was it different from original?  What company was it from? I would consider reusing my original felt but there are some cracks in it. Thanks for any input.[Image: IMG-6814.jpg]

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I bought the repops kit as well just to replace 1 of the felts on my Convertible. I agree they need to go back to the drawing board and get it right. They are too skinny and a little longer I believe and maybe the spacing of the mounting clips isn't correct either. I think I bought the kit 10 years ago.

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From what I have seen 73 years had the wider one-piece belt-line weather strips. Earlier years 71-72 had a skinnier two-piece units, but I could be wrong as I am going on my own experience here. I suspect that the repro manufactures chose the more common two-piece to repro which will work on 73 years as well. I have never seen the wider one piece in repro. I reused my originals, they were very good but not perfect.

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You're totally right. However, in early '71 Ford used two of the short outers stacked on the door. You have two kits, so you can do the same. Later in the production run they went to the tall belt strip.

My 72 had the bigger strip. You have to buy a supplement kit for the repro, https://www.cjponyparts.com/outer-beltli...p/WSBL173/ Ryan

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As mentioned, there is a supplemental piece that attaches to create the wider door felt like the original.

Here is post where someone was replacing door glass but towards the bottom of the first page they talk about installing those supplemental pieces.

Thanks all for your replies and info.
It seems strange that rather then making the correct part the reproduction market once again chooses to make you cobb something together and charge you extra for it ($50 for the "supplemental kit"... really??). There is clearly demand for the wider felt but I guess it is too costly for them to make it available. Nothing new, but still irritating.

1973 Mustang convertible, F code w/ C4, stock survivor with refresh in progress. Blue glow w/ Blue Comfortweave interior.
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It was probably cheaper to make the one-piece strip plus installation process in the assembly line was quicker. I do like the wider part my self.

mustang7173 Thankyouyellow

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