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Wife was sideswiped by a deer in the 2014 GT
Deer are just plain dumb animals. My wife was driving our 2014 GT when she was sideswiped by a deer. It literally ran into the side of the car while she was driving down the road. The impact knocked the factory side scoop off and scuffing up the paint, but surprisingly no sheet metal damage, although the deer managed to get his hair caught between the rim and tire.... how weird is that? 

A new OEM side scoop, some paint and buffing and she will be good as new. And let's not forget to get the stuck deer hair out of the rim.

[Image: Deer-hair-in-rim.jpg]

[Image: deer-hit.jpg]
Lucky wife and lucky deer. A split second later/sooner and it could have head-on crash

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Oh Man, glad it didn't happen to you or your wife driving the 73's !

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wow scary glad it's on the miner side and all are ok 
my friend hit a horse on the freeway doing 65 at night he was ok but messed up the car and horse
Fortunately, my wife does not drive the 73s. The 2014 OEM parts are easy to get, but the 73 that's another story.

Steve, Yes. a second or two difference in timing and it would have been a whole nother story. Most sellers have aftermarket and sell the side scoop in pairs, some painted the color you need, but I worry that they are not identical in appearance to the original Ford part. I don't feel like replacing both. CJ Pony Parts actually sells the Ford OEM side scoop (LH - AR3Z-63279D37-AA) individually, primed and ready for paint.

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Glad the damage was minor. I think over 100 deaths a year are caused by deer accidents.
I have heard that leaving the inside lights on helps them to see the car otherwise the headlights are just two bright things in the road.
On one of our trips to Montana in one night in Wyoming we saw 16 deer hit and killed in the road. Guy driving my van did not see a dead one in the road and he hit it with right front, right rear wheel and the trailer behind us. There was a horrible mess under the van and on the trailer.
A suggestion on the scoop. You can do a search of junk yards on the net and you can probably find a factory one the same color as your car and will probably match. I found bed for my truck and the color was exact.
I forget the search site I used but came up with lots of locations.

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car-part.com is a great junkyard search site.

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Sorry to hear about it but glad your wife was not hurt. Good luck and getting everything fixed back up.

(03-21-2019, 02:59 AM)rackerm Wrote: Deer are just plain dumb animals.
You have got that right!  I'm located in PA, and in 2013 we were #1 in deer-related collisions, with $400 million in damage just for accidents in this state.  It seems by 2017 we have moved to #3, but it's still bad and I'm always on the lookout.  I couldn't find the statistic for Delaware but you guys aren't too far away from PA.  Rabbits and squirrels also rank up there with daredevil animals while crossing the road, but they aren't going to potentially wipe out the side of your car (or kill you).  I understand that deer aren't going to be able to learn what a car is and avoid jumping into it.  But even a lizard brain fight or flight response would have you running away from the rapidly approaching bright lights and loud sound, compared to the quiet of nature.  With them that's exactly when they decide they will try to cross the road, and they either jump in front of the car or into the side.  One glanced off the side of my wife's SUV back in 2001 in broad daylight, causing sheet metal damage to both driver's side doors and the rear quarter panel.  And yes there were patches of deer hair left under under various trim pieces, just like your pic.  One jumped right into the driver's side front fender of my daily driver back in 2013, and that one occurred a night in the early AM hours.  My car has bi-xenon headlamps and they are quite bright.  The vision spectrum of deer is very different from humans, but still.
Well I'm glad your wife is ok and that you avoided a trip to the body for sheet metal and paint repairs.  I was also wondering what profile tire is on your car.  Maybe it's the camera angle, but it looks like rubber sprayed onto the alloy wheel.  lol
"Wife Was Sideswiped By A Deer In The 2014 GT"...……….my question is , what in the hell was the deer doing driving the 2014 GT???????
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