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(06-16-2017, 02:50 PM)MMustangMyWay Wrote: I won't put the currently available aftermarket louvers on my car. They look too cheap.
But I NEED to get a set of these.
I have exactly those and found them to look too busy. They fact that I like the look of the "era of the lovers "  on 70's muscle, is what inspired this idea. But 3 step vs. 6 step. gives the car the feel of a vintage Miura Lambo or even the rear glass cover of the F40. It still serves the original purpose of protecting the rear passengers from a direct sun beating. but the cool factor is the name of the game here. The car will more than likely be named the VILAN- KING PYTHON. Being that it's the largest appearing mustang generation so a few scales of this louvered glass going down its back doesn't hurt the namesake. Some of the styling ques to give attention to this name is the rear glass, the openings in the front facia that appear as nostrils, the widened quarters for the thickness of a python and for sure the split front spoiler like the unhinged mouth and jaw of a python that swallows its prey whole lol. I tell you, I'm having a blast with this cars design. Even the stock Mach 1 hood "black out" looks like the top of a snakes head without having to change anything. I'd love for the first impression to be that of a python as long as it's done with extreme taste. Don't worry I'm not going to paint scales on the thing lol.
[Image: IMG_1500.jpg]This is a sample of of the tail light panel being machined out of acrylic. Looks like Marco got the tooling just right. With minor tweaking he could have a finished piece in about 6 hours of machining.
[Image: IMG_1554.png]
You can see how the acrylic cut away piece fits over the tail light bucket and lens.

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