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Why dont you see more 71-73's?
In my relatively large town area of about 70,000 I doubt there would be more than a handful of people who would even recognize let alone actually have seen a 7173.
With mine about to hit the bitumen within a month or two it will definitely be an unknown sure to get attention
I know of one Mach 1 further south of this town which is an unfinished project and a handful of these vehicles further north in the city of Perth
I reckon it is to our advantage as most car enthusiasts get used to the more common earlier Mustangs and don't always give them a second look
(03-12-2019, 11:28 AM)Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs Wrote: Wade,
Same here I have located a 73 & 72 Mach 1 that I got to come to our last Mustang show so there was three there including me.
I went to the Maggie Valley Mustang shows last fall and there was one other there.
I was contacted by the people in Tenn. they needed a 73 and could not find one. They have a Mustang show called Ponies in the Smokies coming up this month. They try to have at least Mustang for every year. You need to come to Charlotte in April to the 55.
I think the people that have them just do not do the show thing. I know people with completely restored 65 that has not left the garage since done for 10 years.
Hey my Mach 1 sat 37 years. Life gets in the way of cars for most people. They have them but they just sit there.

I go to a lot of auctions, Mecum and BJ, and there is always the requisite 1, 71-73 Mach 1 for sale.  Basically 69-70 are still the so called "Desirable" years, and prices reflect that.  my theory is that prices for 69-70's will continue to rise, increasing interest in the 71-73.  I see that with Broncos...the "early" bronco prices are insane, and that is slowing putting pressure on the larger Broncos. the 71-73 Mustangs will get there, but will take a few more years, then we should see more around.  that said, I also like AMC Eagle wagons, and in 5 years have only seen 1 on the streets....
(03-22-2019, 11:02 AM)Mister 4x4 Wrote: Mine always draws attention when I have it out - I suppose being in a relatively small town like San Angelo, TX (pop. 100,000-ish) and the fact that it might be the only one that's operational in-town, doesn't help.  I can't stop at a convenience store without someone wanting to talk about it or even take a picture or two, and it's always a hit at the car shows.

I'm just surprised by the respect I get from other performance car drivers - they usually just give me a nod and a thumbs up, rather than try to start something... which is surprising that even the 'kids' with the more modern tuner cars in town don't even try to line up on me.  Even the guys with the new Mustangs, Challengers, Camaro SSs, and Corvettes seem to think I'm driving something special.  If they only knew that it's 'just a 351C-2V with an AOD and 3.00 rear gears' that would likely get smoked off the line, they might feel differently.  For now, I'll just stick to letting them think what they like.  Wink rofl

        My God, I wish I lived there in Texas. Around here, ( in Los Angeles), you can hardly drive anywhere at any time without seeing a display of speeding or racing on the streets, even residential area streets. I drive my '71 Mach 1 daily, and there's always some squirrel nut zipper in an import, a Challenger, a late Mustang, BMW,you name it, who comes up to my side and revs up or takes off from a stop, like I should "go" him. Man my car is pretty cherry, and it didn't get, or stay that way by flogging it needlessly, and like yours, it's an "H" code, so there's no point to try to wring it out. The upside is that I do get so many people giving me a thumbs up, or asking what year it is, or complimenting me on the car. But, the way the people are driving around here lately, I doubt if they, or their "buzzbombs" will be around in 48 years, let alone be in any kind of shape!
I honestly think that the vast majority went to the junkyards in the 80s and 90s. I would be curious to hear guesses on how many are left. I doubt that even 5% of the number made were driven in the last 5 years. How far off am I?

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You don't see many of them around here in the states because they're all oversees  Haha

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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