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Why are the 71-73 convertibles the best looking of the classic Mustangs?
I have read that 71-73 convertibles are the best looking of the classic mustang years..even by people who do not like these models. I love the look of the 65-68 not much the 69-70 in convertibles.What do you guys and gals think of why is the 71-73 the best looking despite their bigger size?
"Despite their bigger size?"

I don't know why people consider that a negative?
I wouldn't have bought mine or even fell in love with the 7-123's if they were any smaller.

[Image: Image3.png]
Yeah Jim,

Who gives a flying if they're a little bit bigger.
The bottom line is that these cars have their own style, flair and particular design appeal. I'm not saying that they are the bee all and end all of automotive design, but after 40 years of age, they are still turning heads and getting very positive, wow type feedback and response from the general public. That's a fact!! That speaks volumes!! That counts!! That ranks!! That is the truth for all to see!!!!

I'd pit my '73 Vert up against a '71 Cuda all day, and lets be honest, the Cuda is a good looker for sure, and one of the greats!




Because Ford took styling cues from the 1969 Shelby. Also, consider the awful style of the camero, makes the mustang look better.
"Despite their bigger size." rofl Obviously, you've never seen a '71-'73 parked next to a 'new' model. LOL

Yes Greg - I would put your 'vert up against a 'Cuda or Challenger 'vert any day. thumb

That's just a damn sexy beast no matter how you look at it:
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=20294]

And that's saying something because the '70-'74 Challenger is one of my all-time favorite muscle/pony cars (Top 3, for sure). I'm not as much of a fan of the 'cheese slicer' grille treatment of the 'Cuda... just looks cheap to me. But - things would be very different for me right now had I found a suitable and affordable specimen when I found my '71 Mach 1.

One of the best things working for the '71-'73 Mustang 'verts is that they almost look better with the roof up (not that they look bad with the roof stowed, by any means). I've been thinking for many years now that the '71-'73 Coupes would've been just that much cooler had they made the roof line look exactly like the 'verts with the roof up (again, not bashing the Coupes, either - everybody was just into the whole 'Ghia' rear window treatment back then... Ferraris, Corvettes, Lotus, etc.).

But over all, I'm in agreement with the '71-'73 'verts being the best-looking of the herd - and it's pretty damn tough to beat a '67-'68 Shelby 'vert, that's for sure.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Thanks Eric for your kind words, and interesting feedback on this topic.I like Challengers'70-'72 myself, but my'73 definately delivers the goods.I really get a solid thumbs up from from a lot of people whenever i drive or show the car around.Yep, these '71-'73 Mustangs have got that special magic and style to them for sure.


I don't know?? love the 69 firebirds and 55-56 F-100's and a few others. I've owned a few classic Aussie cars XA, XB coupes and sedans. BUT I really can't get over how good/cool my 72 looks either sitting still or moving I think it just looks fast-cool and down right sexy, even tho I might be a tad bias, But fook I'm just flat out in love with my 72, Shit I'm not even going to start on my 71 J-Code. as a yellow n back car that puppy is just soooo nice,

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Anything is possible, It just takes time and MONEY....
Mister 4x4;156325 Wrote:"Despite their bigger size." rofl Obviously, you've never seen a '71-'73 parked next to a 'new' model.

I have my new 2013 parked next to the 71 in my garage for winter storage . You are right about the size. So I looked it up . Every exterior dimension is the same to within an inch or so.

[Image: FE177109-A1-C8-4-A6-C-9224-AACCFD66-C3-C9.png]

Rick Bombard
1971 Grabber Green Mach 1 351C 4V
2013 Race Red California Special Convertible
1973 Medium Copper Metallic Convertible 302 4V     SOLD
1953 F-100 project

They look big because of the long hood. But the area behind the driver is quite short... Kind of like an E-type Jag
I don't agree with the "bigger" description myself. My 73 vert takes up less area in my garage than my 2010 Challenger.

I'm a bit torn on the "looks" department though. I'm sure I'll draw the ire of the deeply devoted Mustang lovers here. There's no doubt our 71-73's are gorgeous cars but ... given the chance to buy a 70 Challenger R/T for the same price I bought my 73 Mustang convertible ? ... I'm sorry Greg, but I'd opt for the Challenger Blush

As luck would have it though, the cost of that 70 Challenger ; and my modest fire department pension, makes it an unattainable dream. That's why I have the 2010 instead Blush So I am more than pleased with my 73 Mustang. I think that is another aspect that makes them so appealing, the relatively low cost when compared to some of the more "desirable" makes and models.

And then there's my 67 F100. It's a beater ... but I really love that truck Smile
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