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Who drives it?
O.K., I'm married, I've owned my '71 Mach since well before I married my wife, and, it is my only car. My wife is on her third vehicle since we married and now has a brand new 2019 Ford Edge which she loves, and drives everyday. I have driven her Edge occasionally, and, although she thinks my car is "tough" looking, she doesn't feel comfortable to drive my Mach and has rarely ever done so, even though it is in restored condition. My question is......How many of you out there have spouses who drive your car, or even want to drive your car?
i have to fight to keep my wife out of it    but after she put a dent into it  i don't like her to drive it
My car is a Boss 351, 4 speed and no A/C...my wife has no desire to drive it. When we were first married in 1973 we had only one car, a 72 Mach 1 and she drove that one. It was a automatic with A/C.
My wife can't drive a manual trans, and that's of course what all my cars have. lol '71 Mach 1 429 CJ-R 4 speed, '85 Ferrari Mondial 3.0L gated 5 speed, '03 Saab 9-3 2.0T 6 speed. hehe
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My wife and both daughters drive my Mach 1 with a 4 speed and the Model A with an auto trans. My youngest probably has put the most miles on the Mach 1 because she drove it to high school......
Thanks, Jay
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Me, Me and Me ...end of.

[Image: siggy.jpg]

My wife Kathleen can drive our 69 428 scj 4 speed manual steering, manual drum brake mustang quite well. She was real proud of the 2 strips she left all the way down our street! And can't wait to get in the 71 when its done.
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She used to a bit, a 4 speed Q code with 3.50 gears. Since the swap to the 427 Windsor and Tremec 5 speed she has zero interest. She prefers her 2017 Boxster S it seems.
You kidding!! I can't wait to be in the passenger seat when the wife rips second gear next to one of those bow tie things.  Cool

- Mike
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Ah Ha, I am not married now but when I did get married years ago I parked the Mach 1 with rice still inside the car. Why because she wrecked every car she has ever driven some more than once. She was killed in one crash and they brought her back. I have never counted them up but I think 12 different crashes. Some people are not able to drive, she was one.
She hit ice one day in the 1984 20th. Ann. Mustang we got new. Of course she was going to steer the wrong way to recover from the spin and my son started yelling to turn the other way and she did. He knew better than her how to drive but he raced karts from age 8 to 16 on dirt. BTW I had to cut the whole front off the car once and replace and then she crashed again and back on frame machine again.
She even broke 3 gear in a top loader once.
Second wife same way crashed ever car she ever owned.
If you want some laughs go watch this video on youtube of women drivers. Not all women are bad. Knew an older lady that use to race on the board tracks up north. I think she even drove on Indy. when it was boards. She drove into her 90's and never had a problem. Most hesitate too much and never have a back up plan.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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