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White coffee
Picked up a pound of white coffee to try...was suprized at the story attached to it...Lots of myths and talk that is it is stronger than regular coffee...So i got a pound and tring it out...i got to say..after a cup my leg is bouncing under my desk like a kiddy at school..lol..stuff really does pack a punch..has a quite diffrent taste thou...took me a bit to get use to the nutty flavor... here is some of the legend behind the coffee...Mostly a local thing....Anyone else try it before?

Now back to the legend, rumor, story I'd heard years ago. Some industrious Kenyan worker decided to go over the bags of sorted out beans to find beans that maybe were good, prior to roasting. He found a bag of a bag of these whiter (from greener lighter red berries) beans, but other than that in perfect condition. So he decided to run them through the Roaster just to see what he got on his own time. Just as he was doing this the plantation owner came in and got mad about him using energy on what was considered bad bags headed for the extraction plant. Then he had him shut the roaster down immediately and it just so happened to be around "First Crack" w/ that vanilla like nutty blueberry smell coming out and that's just not a finished roasted coffee smell.
Afterwards the worker was wondering what he could do now with these half baked beans, because apparently this worker didn't even know what the temperature should have been set at in the first place. So there he is with these supposed worthless beans, smelling like vanilla nut blueberries. So he decided to go ahead and let 'em cool, rest and degas for the usual time anyway. When done he took some these more amber white colored nutty blueberry smelling beans and ground them up. He drank some of the coffee and was struck by how really different it tasted than the darker roasts he was used to. But what came next is what really fired him up!
Yeah he got really buzzed and it lasted much longer than he'd ever experienced with the really dark roasts. He then started serving this batch of half baked/half roasted beans to his friends and co-workers. He called them 'Tugela' or the Blanko Coffee of Kenya. Which was also known as the White Highlands of British East Africa in past generations. So the name is from the more whitish coffee beans sorted from the very ripest beans and then only half baked to become White Coffee Beans!
Now we get to the really unbelievable part! Big Grin ....seems this worker had a blanko American friend that he'd also had try this coffee and was so taken by it that he sent a package of these beans in the early nineties to his relatives. Yeah in of all places Spokane, Washington. So somehow they got in contact with relatives in the coffee the emerging coffee industry in Seattle after falling in love with it themselves. White Coffee was born!!!
never heard of it
Go Time;169427 Wrote:never heard of it

It does not taste like regular coffee that is for sure...Worth tring ...But i dont know if it worth twice as much as regular..But it does buzzz you out pretty good..lol
White powder that makes you buzz, starts with a c Huh thought that was illegal in the states too Tongue

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
Luke;170784 Wrote:White powder that makes you buzz, starts with a c Huh thought that was illegal in the states too Tongue

You mean its for snorting and shooting? Not for coffee pot? Wink lol
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