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Whining noise from rear end
Ok this might be another simple question, but I have to ask it.

I hate 'weird' noises from my cars. i understand my stang is 40+ years old, but the drivetrain isn't.

Symptom: Whining noise from the rear end when slowing down, noise appears at around 35 mph and continues until about 20. I have a 4 speed toploader and 351 C. I am still not sure what kind of rear end I have, I think it is an open rear end. Also, someone mentioned how to tell the difference between and 8 and 9" rear end, but I wasn't paying enough attention and can't find it now.

Does Anyone have any idea about this noise?
Could be bearings or rear end gears...I had some rear bearings go out on mine just 2 years ago..It was more of a humming noise at some speeds... . http://www.maliburacing.com/ford_9_inch/...e_inch.htm Pretty ok site to id the diffrences between 8 and 9's
thanks for the info, now I just need to get back tot he car and check it out.
Did you replace the pinion seal?
All the rear info for what you have

I haven't done anything back there yet. I noticed the noise on the way home from the purchase, but haven't really driven it a lot since. I was thinking about going through it when I get settled in at my new duty station because, as I said, I think it is an open rear end and I would like to go with a posi instead.
I had the same thing going on with my '78 K5 Blazer... it started immediately after a loud 'POW!' from the rear as I was heading up an on-ramp. When I slowed down at the next off-ramp, the whine was absolutely horrible (more of a high-pitch grinding that only sounded like a whine because of how fast the axle was spinning). The whine would go away if I popped the truck in neutral while decelerating, but I had no intention of actually driving like that. Otherwise, it would 'seem' normal during acceleration.

When I got it to the Hobby Shop a few days later, I opened up the rear diff and discovered that the spider gears were the issue - the 'back-sides' of just about all of the teeth on the right axle cog were pretty much smoothed or chunked out. Swapped out the rear axle altogether, which sucked because mine was a 12-bolt Limited Slip and the 'new' one was open. I went that route partly because it was bent anyway (previous owner hammered that poor truck) and I have no doubt the abuse was the cause.

I hope yours isn't as bad as mine was, but I would really look over everything in the diff and make sure all the splines on the axles are intact.

Conversely, I had a sealed rear wheel bearing go out on my '95 Honda shortly after I got it back on the road (after acquiring it 'dead' and rebuilding the engine)... but it was more of a constant whine that would change pitch with speed.


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A whine is usually caused by the gears not meshing properly, caused by improper setup or bearing failure, possibly pinion yoke nut loose.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Don C;104772 Wrote:A whine is usually caused by the gears not meshing properly, caused by improper setup or bearing failure, possibly pinion yoke nut loose.

Good point. However, after my experience with the K5's rear end blowing up, I've become a 'worse case scenario' kinda guy. Big Grin


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"whining noise from rear end"

Look under car and make sure the rear end is not female.

If not gears meshing wrong or bearings, or both.


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8.8" Rear w/3.73's
Disc brakes all way around.

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