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Which upper control arms to buy.
G'Day all I need to buy a set of upper control arms for my 72 Q code Mach 1, somthing more performance orientated, out of the numerous arms for sale ranging from $50 to $80 is their a clear stand out, brand wise that people could recommend? Not really interested in the tubular style type arms.
I already have roller bearing spring saddles, Edelbrock shocks, 1'' lowered 620 springs and these lowwer arms from Global West,
Any insight, or infomation would be much appreciated.....

Anything is possible, It just takes time and MONEY....
I have been wavering between the global west arms and just going all out for the total control package in the future. For now though I may just have the stock arms powder coated and put poly's in them. Primary goal at the moment is to get the car reliable drivable again.

How do you like the roller replacements. I am actually looking to upgrade the 40 YO rubber setup to something new. Either Urethane or Roller. I like performance
I ordered all Dynacorn suspension replacement parts and they fit flawlessly. The car drives great. I don't see the point in spending unreal amounts of money on upper and lower control arms unless your car is for performance only. I know that the Scoot Drake upper arms don't fit and need to be cut to work. I ordered everything from CJPonyParts.

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As 71_resurrection says, I tried Scott Drake arms and had to modify them so they would fit, as per my rant in this thread:


One of the posters in that thread suggested I may have got mislabeled 65-66 arms instead - all I know is that they were definitely labeled 67-73 so would never buy them again. If I hadn't noticed the interference the arms would have surely damaged my towers.

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I just orderd upper and lower control arms from "OPENTRACKER" racing products.

- Travis

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pegasus;120500 Wrote:Not really interested in the tubular style type arms.

I wasn't interested either, until I kept having to replace the crummy "oem" style arms every 12k miles because the rubber just kept ripping and tearing.

Also, as I had(and still do have) the original arms. So when I bought replacement, I could see how much thinner the metal was. And the fitment was always crap.

I am a daily driver. 12K+ per year. I will compromise on the side of ENDURANCE over performance. When I went to the TCP's and opened up my wallet, I wanted to puke at throwing all that money at components that sit behind the wheels. Kind of like spending $400 on a beautiful set of roller rockers and then having to put the valve covers on.

But, the handling is much better...and has stayed much better.

I did not try DYNACORN.

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I have Global West upper/lower on my '68 coupe. It is street only and I couldn't be happier. I know they're. It cheap but I think the better parts are worth it.
Thanks for the replies and info, I think I'll get a set of the opentracker's.
Still collecting parts at this stage so I can't really comment on the roller spring saddles.

Anything is possible, It just takes time and MONEY....
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