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Which grey?
Hey everyone,
I'm painting my 73 coupe very soon and I'm still not sure what colors I want on it. It has a Ginger interior. I have my choice down to two color sets - Raven black with Gold stripes or Grey with black stripes. I was hoping you guys might have some input or pictures of the black and gold or grey and black on a 71-73 stang. As far as the grey goes, I've been looking at either Dupont pepper grey metallic or PPG pepper grey. The problem is that the Dupont has too much silver and the PPG is too dark. Any ideas?
My personal opinion?
The ginger interior is the big limiting factor.

Grey exterior tones = clash, especially as the major color...

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i agree on the black n gold with motorarts....or black with silver stripes...but i allways had a thing for black mustangs with silver stripes..lol
Mine is the Dupont Pepper Grey and for me it has way to much green in it but depending on the light as to which color it is

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Hats off to your painter. That thing is beautiful.

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