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Which Engine Block Plate is Correct for a 351C? I have three different plates.
I’m reinstalling the engine accessories and I have three plates and can’t recall the correct one for a 351C. The engine is a Boss 351 and I wouldn’t know if the plate is different just due to that.

Which one is correct?


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Bottom one is a Manual - better than the others ! LOL (care about date code?)
Thanks Mark, so the other two are for auto trans? I’ve never had an auto trans.

Yes, date codes are good.

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Top left is for a manual BUT that "cut out" isn't the 1971
Only auto I see is upper right
I believe the one wrapped up is actually a commercial/industrial application for the windsor platform, but is useable-at least it looks like the one I have

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

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Whichever of the two manual plates you use, make sure the starter location and bolt pattern matches your bellhousing. The small bottom bolts moved around depending on the application.

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