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Which electric choke?
We have a 71 coupe, driver, PO had long headers added, but left thermal pipe to choke disconnected. With these headers, choke is not functional. I would like to replace it with an electric one, but don't know what to get. Car has a Holley 2300 model carburetor (2V) if that makes any difference.

Does anyone have any advice? As far as I can tell I will have to pull 12V from the alternator or solenoid to power it.

Thanks in advance,

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Most aftermarket electric chokes need 12v. I connected my choke to the wiper motor power wire. It has to be connected to a constant 12v source that is hot in the run position only. Not saying you have to do what I did but mine will be a driver/restomod and it had no ill affects of wiper speed.
Justin71;81394 Wrote:Does anyone have any advice? As far as I can tell I will have to pull 12V from the alternator or solenoid to power it.

Just a thought, but you can check the schematics section here and see where the choke is hooked up.

I would be surprised if you didn't find the wire already in the engine bay because, I am pretty sure very 71+ Mustang came with an electric choke. I believe '70 was the last year the heater tube was routed past the choke spring housing.

So, if you look at the schematic, it will tell you the source of the wire and color/stripe. Then you just have to find where it goes through the firewall(should be on the schematic) and I bet you will find a wire going nowhere.

You can the choke from the alternator, but not the solenoid as the solenoid doesn't output any power when the ignition is in the RUN position.

(Did I get this information right this time guys?)

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All interested:

User C9ZX gave me the link for the item I needed:

Thanks for all the help with this one

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