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Which books?
I know that there will be a lot of "learn as you go", but I'd like to know which "must have" books for doing resto/mod you more experienced guys have on the back of your workbench. I'm sure Chilton's 1964 - 1973 Repair Manual is an absolute necessity (maybe?), but should I pay $66 for the 5-volume shop manual set? Or get a couple of the Mustang restoration books? I'm going to be working on just about every part of the car, eventually. No serious racing, no big shows, mostly just burnouts on the weekend.Cool



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I bought the 1972 5 volume shop manual and it came in handy right away.I didn't regret buying it at all.


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Depends on how much step by step guidance you need. Chilton's is good for play by play repairs, but you can probably get away with a set of Ford Mustang shop manuals for your particular year. I lucked out and got a nice set with the Mach1 but I'll probably have to find a set for the coupe (even though most stuff is probably the same as the Mach1!)

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Lots of stuff in the ford manuals that not in the others.

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I tend to rely a great deal (initially) on the technical articles in "Mustang Monthly" magazine. They generally have 3 -5 tech articles in every issue.

I do not always take the articles "as gospel" however they usually serve as a very good starting point. Any time, I am doubtful, I go to the shop manuals, Hollander and other source documents to verify.

Hope this helps.

I love Mustang Monthly! I asked them to link exchange or advertise with us but no reply. Huh

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1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
there is also the {how to rebuild Ford V8 engines} but is only for 351c/m/ 400,429,and the 460 there is alot of good info in there.stuff like what parts are interchangeable and pretty much any specs on those engines you need.It runs about 20$ to 25$.It also shows how to remove the engines step by step,and has loads of pics.


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I have access to pretty much every year from 64-73 mustang original shop manuals. (Family restores mustangs concours style) Im trying to find a good scanner that one is big enough to scan an entire page (ie the wireing diagrams) and good enough quility that I can get them online so everyone can have them.

Try the "64 1/2 to 73 Mustang Restoration Guide". There a lot of preview pages of the guide at the link below and it might cover something you are looking for. I have a hardcopy of the guide and use it frequently along with my factory shop manuals.

Here is the link at Amazon.com:


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upload a photo on internet

i bought a bunch of books the 5 volume set is great once you get into the mechanical restoration, however its still very limited.

the yellow osborn reproduction manuals for the body, electrical, engine, interior are good at filling in some gaps and giving you assembly order and what fasteners go where. the books are not amazing due too missing information and the quality of the copies that osborn got to make them.
but they were a great help in helping me cross reference electrical connections and how the interior went together. and how to put trim together on the body.

a 64-73 restoration guide that was like 500 pages turned out to be mostly useless. this book looks like the bees knees until you really get into it the 71-73 information is extremely light compared to the earlier mustang information and the diagrams are of such low quality that it becomes worthless.

a book on 351 clevelands was very informative from HPbooks

the AMK product catalog was also great allowing cross reference of what an actual fastener looks like.

there is also a reproduction vacuum diagram book that came in handy when i rebuilt my heater box and needed to hook up all the new vacuum lines.

the original drivers manual has some good info.
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