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Where to start? 1971 Spring Special Mustang Build Thread
My name is Mason, Don65stang is my dad. I'm living in Hawaii and found this awesome deal I couldn't pass up. It is a 71 Spring Special with a 302. It's mostly all original right down to the AM radio and dog dish caps with 14" trim rings. I'm stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii for the next few years so I have some time to work on it. It runs great but it has some rust. I think with some hard wrench hours and sweat this will turn out to be a nice car.

Anyone have a coupe parts car?

Where should I start my restoration process?


Great to have your here with us.

Without knowing more about your car it is hard to give advice on where to start.

Start with what would keep you from enjoying it and go from there.
Welcome to the site from Virginia. Probably check the cowl and floor pans for rust first.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

Our current Mustang garage/driveway
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[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

Welcome from Virginia! You mention rust, where at? Typical places are cowl, floor pans, trunk floor, tail light panel, front aprons. I tackle the rust first, but importantly it's best not to get caught up in to much at one time or you will get burnt out on it.
Woohoo, this is my oldest son Mason! Welcome! Glad to see you on here with your new old car. There are hundreds of guys on here with a passion for these cars who are willing to share their knowledge. That's what makes this such a great place to hang out and ask questions. Plus you've ready met a few of them in person.

Your car has some rust challenges but attack them one at a time and you'll do fine with it. In your spare time read Mister 4x4's build thread and you will be inspired to take on anything...Eric's car was so rusty that the gas tank was held in place with a chain. He totally cut his rust bucket car in half and welded on an entirely different front end. Eric did not know how to weld or do body work when he started his project. It turned out amazing. That's just one story of hundreds where guys and a few girls have brought their cars back to life.

Here are some pics Mason sent me before he bought it.

.jpg   71 spring special.jpg (Size: 215.91 KB / Downloads: 33)

.jpg   imagejpeg_0_5.jpg (Size: 184.29 KB / Downloads: 32)

.jpg   imagejpeg_0_0.jpg (Size: 224.51 KB / Downloads: 32)

.jpg   imagejpeg_0_4.jpg (Size: 228.62 KB / Downloads: 28)
Here is some of the rust I'm dealing with. Anyone have a coupe parts car?





This is the rust issues, people say bondo, but every car guy says cut the rust out and put new metal in. That's what I plan to do, however I need to learn the skills to do so. I do have the back panel where the taillights go, just needs to get welded in.
Wow you've got some work cut out for you. No pun intended.
A donor door shouldn't be a biggie. The tail light panel isn't to bad to replace. How about under the car? Floor pans, frame, trunk floor?

I haven't seen a coupe rust like that behind the rear window and quarter glass.
Holy moly!

No offense intended, but you can't believe how seeing that makes me feel just a bit better about the rust issues on my '72 Wink

Sheet metal advice:

You'll probably have to settle for a repairable rear filler panel; most of them have some sort of rot or another in the corners. Cowls are reproduced (the non-A/C version with two hats though), as are the doors and taillight panel. I believe a forum member has a coupe donor car that could supply the patches for your quarter panels at the windows.

Don at OMS may have some workable coupe trunk corner fillers for you. Alternately, you may be able to bang them out of donor panels as I did (note that the coupe corners are much longer than the fastback): http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-cudak...#pid184286

How are the trunk, floorpans, and - dare I ask - rear framerails?


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Take some pics of the door hinge areas, frame rails, trunk floor, and under the hood that you were telling me about on the phone.

The more pics the better so we can see what we're dealing with.
Welcome from Arkansas
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