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Where's your patience when you need it ?

I don't know I think I'm as patient as anyone. I only want what I want when I want it... isn't that the way it's supposed to be? I learned by the age of 5 or 6 stamping my feet and hollering didn't help.
I've seen some of the parts painted oh so beautifully ie underside of hood, underside of trunk lid, mirrors and some misc trim but there my body sits on its shop wheels, there are my doors, fenders, hood, trunk valences, front bumper all neatly waiting. AND I WANT MY CAR, AND I WANT IT NOWAngry
it will come I guess I just need faith and the support of everyone who ever waited for their car.
Hugs to everyone,
I hear you Jenny. Mine was in the shop for two years. I would see a little progress every now and then but it took me going on a two week vacation to get some movement on my vehicle. I say that because once I was 1200 miles away from my car, after two years, they called my on my cell to say the paint was done and to come and look at it. that figured. Anyway, mine was worth the wait. I have it back and it came out very nice. Hang in there!

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Thanks for the encouragement. God it just seems so long when all you can do is wait
The body shop had mine for 9 months, but I had told them to take their time and do a good job. I use to drive by the body shop every Friday, a 40 minute detour from my commute home. I think they finally got tired of me dropping by and finished it up. But remember, it will be worth the wait!

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upload a photo on internet

I have many bad habits. Patience isn't one of them. :-)
I know what you're going through. Waiting is always bad but once you've seen the first few parts in new paint it gets worse and worse.

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I am a painter so I understand...I have one in my shop now that's been here for a year (mostly waiting on parts from owner) and now that all the body work is done and in final primer he is wanting it done NOW! I should add that this is a custom with a lot of rust repair and fabrication and I am building the whole thing from ground up so this is not a long time for a 1 man show. Don't worry it will get done and you will be so proud of it. I for one cannot wait for pics.
I wish I was having my patience tested at the body shop.Big Grin
I don't have the patience to wait... likely why I'll do most of it myself.

Jeff T.

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