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when to replace my 1985 tires
My tires look brand new, but they are old. Wonder how safe they are. Am I the only one?


tires have a total life span of 10 years regardless if they are about to hit their mileage warranty of have 0 miles on them. even if all they did was sit in a show room floor for 10 years.

i'd replace those suckers, you can call ANY tire store to confirm that!
I'd have to agree...even if they look new, rubber can get dry and brittle. I wouldn't trust them on a long trip of any kind, that's for sure.

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Changed mine last week after a few days of rain and came to the
conclusion that the 99% treaded 12 year old tyres were just not up
to the job, it's challenging enough to drive a left hooker in Oz with out
going around corners and roundabouts all crossed up, bloke in the tyre
shop told me that the silicone dries out and makes the tyres hard and
Great advice everyone.
A friend was asking me the same question about his RV 5th wheel travel trailer tires.
I found the following article that explains the degradation processes tires go through.


Stay safe!


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i had 5 year old tires disintegrate on me while going 65mph due to extremely poor maintenance from the previous owner. I've been told after 6 years you should change your tires.

in 2002 i bought a car with original factory tires from 1995, it didn't even occur to me to change the tires they had tons of tread left on them and the car was very low mileage. I drove on them for another 6 years where i put maybe 8000 miles on the car. Then the car was parked for over a year when i took a real good look at the tires there was 1/8" cracks all through the rubber and i could see fiber mesh inside. I knew i was an idiot for going that long between tire changes. I bought a new set of the same tires from the dealer and what amazed me first was how much the original tires had Shrank compared to the new tires of the same model the diameter was at least 2" shorter on the 95 tires verse the 2010 tires. felt like i was driving a truck the first time i took it out on the road.

having had 2 run-ins with the 'hey dummy change your tires' after a few years fairy I've changed my tire maintenance routine. A long time ago i didn't pay attention to the tires other then check the tread depth, now i realize tread depth is the last thing to look at. Age first, if a tire is in perfect condition and 8-10 years old, i will replace it.
Right call on replacing. Remember most people drive 12-15k per year, so most tires are worn out after 4 to 5 years. Internal heat, UV rays and roads conditions and salt also destroy them. So unless you driver under 35mph they are not reliable after 5years regardless of tread.

Alan L

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Alan L
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