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When do you speak up??
I've been a member of this forum for bout two and a half years, my visits have been admittedly rather sporadic. Though the 73 Vert is about to under go major alterations. My usual "Home Forum" is much more about our EFI 331 1965 2+2. So not too many folks here know me. And if I were to point out to an active member here, that the "Tech" he passes out, ain't exactly right on. It might seem as a personal attack. Realizing that, I've kept my virtual mouth shut.
The member in question is courteous, obviously well intentioned, and has collected a vast library of information, prolly gleaned from magazine articles, adds, and such. I kind'a think he is a younger entheusiast who hasn't "bent too many wrenches", but reads everything published. Not bad in itself, however he doesn't seem to have much pratical or real world knowledge. Or how to use parts in a comprhensive package(combo) He will strongly reccommend, parts that, don't fit together in a viable combination of performance or value, or would need an unlimited budget to use.
A lot of folks will probably recognise this and take such advice with a grain of salt.
The problem for me, is seeing him answer a question on the forum, where the origional poster of a question take his "Tech" as gospel, and adding "Reputation" in thanks.
So what do you do?? Posting a contradiction on the internet is easy to precieve as an attack, when that is not the intention. Especially coming from someone not well known and directed at a Forum regular. But are we supposed to let inacurate information pass as gospel "Tech", to keep a fellow forum member from hurt feelings??
Especially when I ain't perfect, and can sometimes be as wrong as the next guy.(as all my misspelling illustrates)

You can post the correct answer when a question is asked and it is up to the one doing the asking which advice to follow. No one can know everything, or has the best way of completing a certain task. That's why a forum like this is so handy (different opinions to try). An attack whether virtual, or not is not warranted on this or any forum. Don't keep quiet...answer the question with your knowledge and let it go. If they follow the wrong advice then lesson learned. At least you know you did the best you could to help them.
I have already found your knowledge helpful and on-topic.

Why not just reach out and contact the person in a private message first? That we you can bring up your concerns without airing any laundry in public.

Chances are you'll come to an understanding, and he will correct any mis-information.

And if he doesn't and you feel it necessary, then post contradictions.... And nobody can say you attacked anyone.
I think every person here should take any "contradictions" someone posts with a grain of salt and not take it as a personal attack. I've only been here a short while, and I've been incorrect more than once, and thankfully someone has seen fit to step in and shine light on the situation. I thank them for it, not only do I learn something, but the OP gets the advice he/she ACTUALLY needed.

That being said, tempers flair easily, especially when someone "knows" they're right. Reaching out in a PM may be a good method, but it's important, one way or another, to make sure the good information gets out in a place where everyone can see it. Otherwise I think the forum looses a little bit of purpose.

I think we all owe it to each other to be understanding when someone corrects us, or offers contradictory advice, that's why it's called a Forum, so that all view points can be expressed.

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I would PM the person and discuss the issues, this way it’s between you and them, and it won’t feel like a public attack.
A lot of times I have done things posted them and others would PM me with a better way of doing it, I never took offence to it, that’s why we are he to help and learn.
That’s what makes this Forum nice, we all get along, and it’s a give and take, the main reason we are here it to learn, and share knowledge.

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I hafta agree with the others - drop the other member a PM and try to find a way to discuss the issues.

However, if it's me you're referring to - well then... we gonna fight. rofl

(just kidding...)


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I make mistakes, and if I am called on them, I am appreciative. If you feel awkward about confronting the poster, tell one of the Tech advisors or Rocketfoot what you are seeing and hopefully they will have a chat with the individual.

This is a great forum with some awesome members. I think you will find that your input is appreciated.

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CZ-75;130022 Wrote:I have already found your knowledge helpful and on-topic.

Why not just reach out and contact the person in a private message first? ...........

Thank You for the kind comment.
Hehheh on the reach out suggestion, I had actually done that spending much time getting word & all just right, (even CC'ed Don65Stang just to keep the Mods informed) I waited around for a day expecting a return comment, finally checked my sent box, and discovered I must'a hit "delete" rather than "send" Doh!!
After that I composed the missive in this thread, to broach the subject, and get a "take" from the Forum.
Yup Totally agree!

Mister 4x4;130038 Wrote:.........However, if it's me you're referring to - well then... we gonna fight. rofl ..........

No Siree, No worries on that, the Forum member I have in mind hasn't posted on this thread.
Usually I have absolutely No Problem letting some one know, I have a differing opinion, However in this particular case, I think "the unknown he" is proud of his standing in the Forum, knowledge & reputation, and is convinced enough that it it would plain give me a headache to try & change his mind Angel
Time will work it out I'm sure.
is it me?
Or me?
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