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Anybody using a Wheelskins steering wheel cover? My car has the stock skinny two spoke steering wheel with an old style sportwrap cover on it right now. I just installed a Wheelskins on my truck. Very nice product. If anyone has pictures and sizing info it would be greatly appreciated.
see this thread from awhile back.

I have this on our 71 right now (stock wheel).
I do really like it, it was easy to install and lace-up, but it does take awhile to get in on there (maybe half-hour).

As per the size, it was PERFECT in diameter, but the one I got was too large around the grip. To take up the extra space, I actually left the old-style vinyl grip on there (probably same one you are used to seeing - those hideous vinyl things with the spiral plastic wrap). I cut the spiral wrap off, and then put the leather around the old grip. It was the perfect thickness, and the leather grip closed up so there is no sign of it other than a little "texturing" form the holes in the old grip. You can't recognize it as such, and it gives the leather a nice textured look IMHO.

This is a quality product. My 69 will also be getting the same thing. I'll try to post a picture of the installed grip. When I do the 69 though, I am going to look for some thin, hi-quality foam to go underneath the leather. Bottom line, it's a good addition to these old stock wheels.


New pics posted now at the end of the old thread.... -J

Pics of The Car
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