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wheel vintiques magnum 500s vs Jegs brand Sports star 5 spoke
(08-08-2019, 11:21 AM)MustangNJ Wrote: i'm just a guy trying to understand if 15x10 rims with a 4.5" backspace and 295/50 tires will fit on the rear without a problem.

+1 my friend! 
 Why do you want to go so wide on your back tires? I have 245-60's on 8" rims on mine and it's more than enough tire to go around corners pretty hard. I have 235-60's up front on 7" rims. My rims are Wheel Vintiques, They look good on the outside, but the inner is starting to show light rust. Don't forget they MUST be balanced with an adaptor for the bolt holes as they are centerless. Mine needed between 1 and 4 oz per wheel to balance them.
Another consideration will be speedo gearing, you will likely need to switch the trans gear. There is a chart to determine that on NPD etc. I also had a chart for BFG tires that will tell you what tire on what rim width, can't find it now, but you can Google that info.
 Just my thought on it, but your choice.

I learn something new every day!
275/60 rear, 255/60 front on 15x8 with 4.25" back spacing. No issues.

[Image: IMAG3794.jpg]

I want bigger wheels/tires in the back because I think they look cool. it really has nothing to do with traction. I like the 70's hotrod vibe.
I will be changing the rear diff soon to a 3.50 posi , so I will sort out the speedo gear for the wheels and tires at the same time. my speedo is kph anyway, so I run a GPS based digital speedo on my dash right now. i like seeing a digital number for speed. the gps speedo takes about 20 secs to get a signal at start up, and gets a little confused when I stop at a light, but is pretty accurate
So this is 295/15's with 5" of backspacing and they just are flush with the outer edge of the wheel well. 5.5" would be preferred, but I was afraid they might rub on the rear anti-sway bar. 1/2" doesn't sound like much but it will be outside the wheel well, and rubbing might be an issue, and it does have a different look to it.
[Image: 0.jpg]
(08-08-2019, 12:37 PM)Don C Wrote: Static said in his post he has 255s, but not wheel width. Due the the time difference between here and there it may be a while before he gets back to you. You might try searching for wheels for just his forum name to see if he has posted any other information about them. The search function is under the More tab at the upper right of this page.

Wheel sizes have been discussed many times on the forum, you will come up with many threads and posts if you search.

Oh sorry guys -- I didn't see these questions until now   Shootself

On my car I think width they are 7" front 8" rear ... I think

When I rip off those awful MT's and change to BFG I'll measure up

[Image: siggy.jpg]

I run the Jegs Sport Star wheels and have been pleased.  I think the look compliments the car and they were lighter than the steel wheels I took off my Coupe. I went with 15x10 wide on the back with 275/60 tires.  I actually run these wheels on both my '71 and '72.  I believe the back spacing on the rear wheels is 5.5" and the part number to be 555-66085 

(I run 15x7s in front on the Coupe and 15x8s in front on the Mach).  Hope this helps thumb

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

1971 Coupe - 306ci (circa 1971) - 10:1/750 Holley/RPM Air Gap/Lunati camshaft (221/231@.050)/Comp roller rockerarms/Ford Racing pulleys/Ported cylinder heads/MSD ignition/Patriot Ceramic LT headers/Single Chambers/Carter fuel pump/NOS Sniper/9" diff./4.57 gears/B&M Holeshot convertor/B&M Shiftkit/B&M Z-Gate/CE subframe connectors/Jegs Sport Star rims/Lakewood traction bars/Fiberglass Ram Air hood/Electric fan/Rear seat delete/Relocated battery/Custom graphics

1972 Mach 1 - 400ci/C6/Quick Fuel 750/Weiand Intake/Harland Sharp rockers/Performance cam/Patriot headers/CVF racing underdrive pulleys/Jegs Sport Star rims/Traction bars/Accel distributor/Miloden 8-quart/Jones Full Boar exhaust/Hurst Pro-matic 2 shifter
thanks guys. this is exactly the info I needed and the pictures are great !
(08-08-2019, 11:21 AM)MustangNJ Wrote: i'm just a guy trying to understand if 15x10 rims with a 4.5" backspace and 295/50 tires will fit on the rear without a problem.

OK - now we're talkin' about something I'm intimately familiar with.

I'd ordered a set of Cragar S/Ss for mine - 15x8 and 15x10s to fit 245/60R15 and 295/50R15, respectively.  The 15x10s were 'off the shelf' from Summit Racing, and had 4 1/4" backspacing.  I absolutely LOVED the deep dish look, however, they stuck out about a half inch and would buzz the wheel wells a tiny bit when the suspension flexed on the dips of the road.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=35976]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=35625]

I ordered a set of custom offset rims from Cragar thru Summit Racing - with 5 1/4" back spacing.  They tuck in a bit better, and no 'buzzing' on the wheel wells.

[Image: Frankcarshow_2017-5.jpg]

[Image: Frankcarshow_2017-6.jpg]

You can just barely see the difference between the pics above, but here's the actual before and after comparison of the rims (same tires, just took 'em off and had 'em remounted on the new rims at Discount Tire).


[Image: rearwheelold1.jpg]

[Image: rearwheelold2.jpg]


[Image: rearwheelnew1.jpg]

[Image: rearwheelnew2.jpg]

There's still plenty of clearance to the springs and everything.  I've heard/seen 5" backspacing on 15x10s being optimal, all the way to 6.5".  I think 5.5" is the sweet spot, actually.

Hope this helps!


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
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