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wheel vintiques magnum 500s vs Jegs brand Sports star 5 spoke
so I have read a bunch of posts on this forum about wheel/tire size.  I've decided that I like what another forum member did on the rear of the car:  Wheel Vintiques Magnum 500's 15x10 with a 5" backspace with BFG radial 295/50/15.  However, I see that these wheels won't be delivered until November, and the cost is $293 per rim.  Jegs offers their own brand of rims called Sports Star 5-spoke and they are $133 each and ship right away.  the Sports Star rims have a 4.5" backspace.  is .5" of backspace going to be a problem? eg, interfere with rear sway bar, or some other interference issue?  I'm inclined to go with the much cheaper rims if they fit with the smaller backspace.  thanks
Sports Star rims look like a knockoff of a Weld rim. With a price like that, and being a Jegs brand, you can guarantee they are Chinese made.

Summit has the 15X10 with a 9/19 shipping date for a few bucks cheaper.


Yes, that 1/2" is enough to make a difference. The wheel and tire will stick out 1/2" further and when you are going with the maximum size wheel and tire that 1/2" may mean the tire rubs on the fender lip.

You can download the spreadsheet in this thread, and under the Clearances tab calculate what the widths of different size wheels, backspacing, and tires will be. Keep in mind that the fenders can easily be off center by 1/4" or more and when going over bumps and around corners the axle will move around.

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Depends what sort of stance you want 

Mine are Jegs with Mustang ctr inserts
255/60/r15 on rear ---- 235/60/r15 on front

[Image: 1971-mustang.jpg]

[Image: siggy.jpg]

I buy enough stuff from Summit to know that there "estimated" ship date is not something to count on, but thanks for the link
@1sostatic, what size wheel do you have on the back? is that the Jets 15x10 with 4.5" backspace? what size tire do you have on the back?
Most wheels are made in China. I know the new Camaro aluminum wheels are I changed one for a friend and made in China. 
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The BMW plant in S.C. is not union and pay and benefits are equal to union shops. 
I have been in union plants and was not allowed to put a square on a part to see if it was straight because I was not a quality person. If your tool comes unplugged you have to call an electrician to come plug it in. If you run a lathe you cannot run a mill. Stupid stuff that doubles and triples the cost of doing business in the U.S.. We are becoming a nation run by attorneys and everyone afraid to talk for themselves.
When I ordered my 73 Mustang I had dealer check if I could take delivery at the assembly plant. They came back and said I could but would still have to pay the shipping due to union agreement.

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I do not believe that we should be discussing unions, politics or religion on this site. There is enough controversy in the world today.
I am a union pipefitter and definitely have a different view on the issue.
Thanks, Jay
i'm just a guy trying to understand if 15x10 rims with a 4.5" backspace and 295/50 tires will fit on the rear without a problem.
Static said in his post he has 255s, but not wheel width. Due the the time difference between here and there it may be a while before he gets back to you. You might try searching for wheels for just his forum name to see if he has posted any other information about them. The search function is under the More tab at the upper right of this page.

Wheel sizes have been discussed many times on the forum, you will come up with many threads and posts if you search.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
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