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Wheel lip moulding - was it available on Mach 1s?
Hi and a happy new year to everyone!

I just got some new 71-73 bright repro fender lip mouldings on ebay for a nice bargain price.

I clamped one of them for test fit to the front wheel opening and noticed that the horizontal moulding on the Mach 1 fender
interferes with it. Now I wonder whether this combination was available from the factory on a Mach 1. Could the fender mouldings come on a car with the Mach 1 chrome strip (separating the upper from the lower color)?
Or was the protection group - including the mouldings - only available on non-Mach 1 vehicles?
Far as I know, the fender lips were never used on Mach 1's.

It was also the manner in which I was able to identify that both the Diamonds are Forever M-code and my own M-code had their passenger fenders swapped at one point - both RH fenders were drilled for fender lips; the lefts were not.


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My 73 Blue Glow Mach has them. 18000 mile car can't say if they where a dealer install or factory

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The 71-73 Mach 1 was not available with bright wheel-lip moldings or bright rocker moldings.
The mach 1 was basically a de-chromed model, with some exceptions. The front bumper and hood/fender extensions were also body-colored on all 71-73 Mach 1s . No RPO 71-73 Mach 1 ever came with a chrome front bumper,except for a couple of documented "factory freaks"...cars built incorrectly at the factory.
The bright body-side moldings at the paint-break on 71/72 Mach 1s came only on Mach 1s without the side-stripe (hockey-stick) option. If equipped with hockey-sticks, the bright molding was deleted and supplanted with a matching pinstripe.
Side stripes and bright moldings on the same car is incorrect.

On a side note, 71-only Grandes had bright moldings at the trailing edge of the hood and fenders. Of course, these were never on any Mach 1s.
Oh, really?

[Image: IMG_15101.jpg]

Maybe you should say, 71/72 did not come with wheel well lip moldings.

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
There seems to be a few with em

Be good to see an options list for 71-73

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He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
I stand by my statements. However many dealers did install wheel-lips and/or rockers but thst does not make it original.
71-73 ordering guids corroberate this.

The white car above has incorrect moldings as well as incorrect hood paint.
The blue car has incorrect moldings and incorrect wheels.
The red car has incorrect moldings and incorrect front spoiler.

Don't get me wrong...all of those cars are gorgeous, and if I owned any one of them I would not change a thing. However, none of them came from the factory equipped as shown.
Kit makes a GREAT point.

I have learned to never say "Never" as it relates to what Ford and or their representatives (i.e. dealers) may have done to satisfy a customers request.


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Totalled;161149 Wrote:Oh, really?

[Image: IMG_15101.jpg]

Maybe you should say, 71/72 did not come with wheel well lip moldings.

PLUS 1 on wheel well moldings
Back edge hood / fender trim was also availble on more than Grandé's
I found it on convertibles and fastbacks
Yes, my mistake: The trailing-edge hood moldings was also on 71 convertibles.
I think (but not 100% certain) that the hood rear-edge moldings were only available in 71. It is not in the 72-73 ordering guides and I have never seen any 72-73 thusly equipped.

Did not know it was available on fastbacks. Makes sense I suppose; all the bright moldings not available on Mach 1s (wheel lips, rockers, belt line moldings, front bumper guards, etc...) was available on "regular" sportsroofs (fastbacks)
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