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Wheel Hub Replacement
when i returned from overseas in january i had purchased the drum spindles and hubs from a junkyard in minnesota. i finally came about to do the cobra brake conversion but to only find out that the drum spindles were the only good item i got (not using them anymore using OEM disc spindles). the hubs are bad and boy was i pissed. i pressed in all new races and the outter races can be moved slightly up and down on and off the seat. so i called up Shaun at street or track and placed an order for new hubs.

all manufacturers list the hubs to be only for 65-67 mustangs. when i received them in the mail, they are about the same as my 71 spindles. all the dimension of it are the same. but the only difference i can see is that the outter snout of the 71 hub has a straight snout and the 65-67 shout was taped in at the end ever so slightly.

all i did was press in the 70-73 races and wala, they work on my unused drum spindles or my disc spindles on the car. shaun, at street or track proves his mustang brakes expertise. I WONDER WHY MUSTANG SUPPLIERS OR VENDORS AIN'T FIGUREING THIS OUT!!!
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