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Wheel Center Cap Upgrade!

these wheels is what i got i 17x8 & 17x9's. the standard center cap is just a circle dome.

this is the center caps i'm thinking about purchasing before installing the wheels. (those dome and hard to pull off from outside the rims due to its super tight hold on the inside and it has nothing to grab)


what do you guys think?
Tough call...I'd almost need to see what they look like on the wheel (to compare size) but I don't think they will look bad! Myself, I'd probably stick with the original centers, but thats just me.

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This is just my personal taste, but I think that the whole thing will be too busy, considering the rim already has five spokes and then you put the spinner with 3 blades on top of them.
I like spinners on plain wheels like the Cragar Quick Trick for example but those 5 spoke rims have a classic, straight, no nonsense design, I would stick with the stock caps.
Looks more race and less bling.
But as I said, that's me. If you like it go for it!

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I agree with Mike in that "it comes down to personal choice."

Relatively speaking, the "spinners" are not that expensive, so if you put them on and don't like them you can always go back to the "originals."


Do the RIGHT thing.

Since you asked... Big Grin I'm not really a fan of those.
HOWEVER, it is YOUR car. Dont let us dictate what you do to your car.

Jeff T.

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