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Wheel / Caliper Issues
(02-28-2018, 03:39 PM)Bentworker Wrote: Another idea to toss out there. 
You could make a negitive cardboard or heavy paper template with a pair of sissors that sits flat on your hub and follows the profile of the caliper.  Then you could make a positive of it, and carry it around with you.  Place it in any wheel you find and see if you have clearance.  If you got crazy you could put one in an envalope and send one to someone to check against a wheel your are curious about.

 I ordered 11" Wilwood caliper  brackets ( I have 12") and a 15x7 steel rim (I have 15x8) from Summit to test fit. No workie. I put the boxed rim and brackets on the back of my m/c and drove the 100 miles up to Reno to return them. I found out that they don't stock crap-o-la ! They had a whole wall with mounted rims and narly a one in stock for me to test.
 I'm looking to see if a Magnum 500 15x7 with a backspacing of +/= 4.5"
Or a 17x7 steel rim with same bs.
The templet idea is a good one.  I can send one out to any who send me their address.                                                                                                            I'm posting pics w/measurements if anyone would like to  make one to try on rims they may have. I'm at a loss right now as to what works and what doesn't
[Image: IMG_6994.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7007.jpg]

Q; What is the difference between ford 5 / 4.5 truck rims and ford car rims? Will an F150 5 lug fit the cars?
Thank You,
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