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Wheel and tire question
So my 71 Mach 1 came to me with some sad aftermarket wheels. I have a friend with used styled steel rims off of his 67. 2 are 14x6 for the rear, 2 are 14x5 1/2 for the front. I have stock disks in the front. They seem to fit, anybody see why they may be an issue? If not, suggestions on tire size?

Keep in mind that any time you change the rear tire diameter from "stock", it can affect the accuracy of your speedometer. This could mean having to change your speedometer gear to reflect the correct speed.

Other than that, you can run some pretty large tires on our '71 - '73 Mustangs, especially when compared to earlier models.


Do the RIGHT thing.
Those rims would look absolutely lost under a '71-73. No way you could put enough tire to make it look acceptable.

Our cars fit 15x8's all around, and/or 15x10's in the rear, no sweat.

Just being honest.

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Here is a link to a thread I started when I bought my wheels and actually still had about an inch on the back I could have used to go even widerUndecided

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