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What year is best (It has to be done)
This is kind of like asking me which of my four kids I like best! It all depends on who's doing what, when!

I too chose the 1971 and not just because I own one but because it was first of that generation and it did have more and better choices in power train so it was the leader of the pack.

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I have to say 71 , because of the last hp engines.

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73 is my choice, not just because i own one, there isn,t many around especially true mach 1,s, and more importantly like the great Hal Haliki said in the original Gone In Sixty Seconds...."she,s the last of the mustangs" Smile
I have to agree with the 71 guys... It is the first year of the body shape, it implied for me, the biggest change in shape but also in structure of the shell, it was the intent to go into a new decade with something fresh and new so, from the concept, i have to choose 71 too...

I own a 72 and that´s great and I do too love the 73 (never seen one in person though) but just like if you ask why the 64 1/2 is more "wanted" or valued than 65 and 66?... if just because it was the jump down the cliff and see what happens... The following years was more "safe" choices...

Damián Cool

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I currently own a 72 but, I've owned 2 71s. I have to vote for 71 for the reasons others have stated.

I voted 71. Even though the 72's had the Q code CJ's and the R code HO's, I always felt them to be the weaker little bothers to the big 71 muscle. I always blamed the mandated lower compression ratios (changed pistons and combustion chamber design).


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Have to agree with Ray 71, also 1st of our breed

Alan L

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Alan L
I voted 71 although 72 would be just as possible. But in 72 they dropped a few interesting performance goodies, so it has to be 71.
I don't really like the 73s that much as I think that their grille and bumper makes them nose heavy in terms of looks.
Another thing that I like better with the 71-72 is that the grille is sitting further back in the front, making them look more aggressive.
But that's just my two cent's worth of personal taste.
To all you 73 guys, I gotta say that you still have one of the coolest Stangs ever made, just ignore my comment! Wink

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It is like was said,which kid do you like best? You can't decide because they all have their plus's(?) Any way I love the 73's because I feel like they were the most refined of the three years. My favorite look would be the 71-72s with the chrome front bumpers in the sports roof / coupe. My favorite convertible would have to be the 73's! Performance and value wise would have to be the 71 429's,Boss 351 cars and the 72 R codes.I might even have to throw the 150 or so 71 "Q" codes for rarity.
You guys know I will have to vote for the 73s!
As always,this is just my .02 and we know how that rates!

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just a little tid bit. I saw a few mentions of the original gone in sixty seconds. It was actually 71 dressed up as 73 you can see the marker lights under the bumper. {hope I'm not breaking any hearts haha Blush Tongue


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