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What would it take for you to sell it.
caspianwendell;132550 Wrote:
Mister 4x4;132493 Wrote:Not trying to be a jerk, but I think the question might've been taken somewhat out of context - and not intended to become a financial advice thread or a rehash of the "coulda/woulda/shoulda's" of life.

People have different circumstances in their lives at different points based on choices they've made. Unfortunately, "one-size does not fit all," when it comes to 'what would you do' scenarios. For instance, had I bought my first house at 22, I would've been forclosed on when I was 23 and probably never dug out of the deep hole of bad credit that comes with it.

I'm glad everybody's doing well enough to have a '71-'73 Mustang in their lives. Just how big of a part of your life it is can depend a lot on your financial position, and can be affected by changes in the same - but there are a lot more factors involved than just whether or not it's a good time financially to own your Mustang... and quality of life is not always measured by net worth.

Bottom line: there are no right or wrong answers here... and I mean no offense to anyone in particular with my comments.
This is all true. as for me...I bought my house 22 years ago, and my family came first before all my toys...An old saying is "work M-F for living and work sat for toys, that leaves sun for God and fun"

Not a bad bit of advice. I was fortunate - I already had a 4x4 when I got married, it was my DD & weekend toy, and never had to get liquidated for financial reasons - close, a couple times... but we managed to figure something else out.

Had I taken other advice offered me earlier on, things would be different for me right now. Better or worse, I couldn't say... just 'different.' But then again, Life is a one-way road with lots of turn-off onto other one-way roads.


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i will say i would never sell it but if it came down to my family needing something it would be gone,, i had a 66 mustang i said i would never sell ,,,but i did but it was to pay for the adoption of my son so i never say never
After I inherited my Brother's 73 Vert, I could not find anyone in the least bit interested in buying The Second most un-loved model of Mustang ever produced from me.
Now I luv'em

I know to many people who sold a vehicle like this and regretted it for years after. Few ever getting the chance to replace the original they sold.
I sold the 72 sprint but I wanted something else and it was the only logical thing to do. With four Mustangs, (daily driver 2004, daughters 2006, 72 Mach1 I've had since 1981, and the 72 sprint and with a 3 car garage with one space for the wife's car, I had to sell something to get some cash together). Once I pick up the Cobra on Saturday I'll have some great memories of the sprint but will have a lot of new adventures in the new black car. Besides, I know where a lot of the 72 sprints are and can always buy one later on when I'm too old to get in the Cobra. Shy    

Vamach1 - 72 Sprint conv & 72 Mach1
Not a fair question. I sold my first Mustang back in the day to pay for a Wedding. Three years later I had No Mustang, No House and No Wife.

So the current wife Might sell this one after I'm gone.

But truth be told if selling your Mustang would leverage you up economically you should do it cuz later you can buy two Mustangs. Or in my case build it just the way you want.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2111]

My mustang is named Beth.

As in

Beth I hear you calling and I'll fix you right this time.
but both the kids need braces and I just can't spare a dime.
Just a few more paychecks and I'll get right back to you.
Oh Beth what can I do? Beth what can I do?
I do not easily adapt to change, so I can't imagine selling the Mustang.
I think what one also has to consider is what state the car is in. Mine has taken a lot of patina over the last few years but it is extremely reliable and runs smoothly. After 6 months of hibernating it only takes 6 or 7 cranks for it to fire up. It drives almost like a new car and handles like a dream, so all that goes on the plus side.
If the car way only half as good, it might be easier to consider a sale.

Ok, what would make me sell it?
I might sell it for another classic car, if the offer was right. Say someone offered me a nice Mopar in exchange (yeah, like that's ever gonna happen....).
Or maybe if something broke or the car deteriorated to a point where it would be financially disastrous to have it fixed.

But basically I would say I would sell it for basic necessities such as housing, health and food.
Before I live on the street, I'd rather sell the car. After all, it's only a toy, something we have for fun.

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