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What type of gas do you run?
I got some great...but spendy...news from my mechanic!! After rebuilding my carb, putting in new spark plugs and supplying it with fresh gas from a bottle my Mustang is running great!! I even got to stop by and listen to her growl Smile One of my mufflers was also split down the seam and the gas tank has a bunch of nasty rusty sludge in it from sitting. We have a new gas tank and muffler on the way, so in a few days and about 1300 dollars later I should have my car back and patrolling the streets of central Minnesota!! My question is this..What gas should I run in it? In the past I have just put in 91 octane, but the gas around here has that 10-15% corn piss in it that I have heard is horrible for old engines and I really don't want to deal with these issues again. There are some gas stations around that have "non-oxy premium" will that do the trick? Or is there some additive I should use? After basically replacing the entire fuel system, I want to keep it in as good of shape as I can for as long as I can.


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91 or higher octane with no ethanol. Not the easiest to find but it is out there.

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(07-10-2018, 07:48 PM)Don C Wrote: https://www.pure-gas.org/

Sweet! Looks like there are several in my area, thanks Don.


1973 Mach1 Q-code

My carbon footprint is exceptionally large.
I run 91 octane without ethanol in all my cars. I have had no issues at all. Even my chain saws get the good stuff. Ed
Gosh my computer went crazy took a day to get going again.
Like said no Ethanol if possible. Make sure your mechanic changes all the rubber hoses from the gas tank to the carburator to ethanol resistant material. Lots of carburetor kits are the old rubber and the ethanol turns the rubber parts to gummy pieces.
I am able to get ethanol free a mile from home at a Citgo here. I think $3.25 a gallon and 92 or 93 octane. In my area Sunoco also keeps good fuel for the racers in the area going to I think 110 octane. Now if you are like a friend that has around 15 to 1 compression he pays about $21.00 a gallon for his fuel.
I do put Stabile in my fuel and you should always keep the tank all the way full or all the way empty. If your fuel pump is older the ethanol will degrade the rubber diaphragm and your oil level will rise in the pan. That is because the gas is going into the oil pan. All the rubber parts in the carb. fail due to the ethanol also.
It is a huge issue not just with our older cars. Some Chryslers have huge fuel pump issues in the gas tank.
My car sat for 26 years so the gas tank was spotless when I removed. The ethanol causes rust and all the corrosion we see very quick.

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we have E10 everywhere here and i need to travel about 40+ miles to get the good stuff.. Sooo i add lead additive to fuel now and then. my motor does not like reg and it pings so high test is my only option... driving around 1000/yr so not big deal.
(07-10-2018, 07:48 PM)Don C Wrote: https://www.pure-gas.org/

Nice find Don, As I'm in Ontario Canada, it's nice to know I can get my gas at Canadian Tire far cheaper than Shell. Apparently Can Tire buy from Shell anyway, but not sure if it has the same additives. 91 octane is currently around 5.75 Can. per US gallon here or 1.52/liter, so that's about 4 bucks US a gallon.
The transport company owner that delivered my last car saw my '71 Mach 1 429 CJ-R and said I should be running this:


Lol. Anyone else notice that the ethanol-blended gas stinks like $hit? When I was a kid I used to enjoy the smell of real gas when I went along on a fill-up with my dad. On modern closed system fuel injected vehicles you really don't smell the fuel. But on a old-school carbureted vehicle, when you park in the garage after a good run and close the garage door, that corn juice / gas smell will permeate the area. I guess we're pretty much stuck with that fuel for life. More and more people are getting on board with what a boondoggle it is for the various parties involved.
Recently, I posted about my first (and likely only) trip to the drag strip in 'Mustang Talk'
Before I went and as I needed fuel anyway, I put in about 8 gallons of Petro-Canada (formerly Sunoco) 94. Since being taken over, the good stuff is now bastardized with 10% Ethanol. To sweeten it up, I added a bottle of Lucas Racing Octane Boost. I absolutely noticed the difference. The car pulled like a train. I've been working for some time on timing as most will know and was able to rev to 5K without any rattle. Now, when I got home and it cooled down, I wanted to check my plugs for color. They were nice and clean all around meaning a nice clean burn, but they were RED colored!! I guess from the Lucas. A bit hard to get a true read of fuel/air mixture, but it can't be too far off.
Will I run 94 again, not too likely. I find the 91 Shell or equivalent, runs fine ordinarily in my 10:1 engine. Compression, cam, timing, carb size, jetting all play a big part in determining the fuel you'll need and I'm pretty sure the likes of Don C will agree.
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