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What the heck is this
I think the cylinder head casting numbers are under the intake ports, so you'll only be able to see them with aa magnet if you pop the intake off.

Can you post up a picture of the date code and cylinder head that you have the VC off of? It would be simple to see if you have adjustable valves.

Honestly I would put your efforts into figuring out what you actually have vs. trying to figure out what that tag means. That engine has been messed with, try and rule out the 'tune' related things that could cause your condition and check them off the list. If all those items (complete fuel system and ignition system) are up to snuff then start looking into the insides of the motor.

Just my $0.02...

I did do some ignition parts im waiting for others to come ,,I do have to take the head off cause I found a exhaust bolt broke off in the head I haven't taken the exhaust manifold off maybe i'll get lucky and find it sticking out a little,,i thought about buying a new holley (if that's not the problem I could always sell the old one)
[Image: V-Cover-moff-right-side.jpg]

pic share

Nope, those are factory Cleveland bolt-down rockers and are not adjustable.

Date code is 9L19, wich decodes as 1969 - December - 19th day.

Can't see the number on the corners of the heads, so you either have closed chamber 4V heads, or standard open chamber 2V - unless it's actually 1979 and they are 351M/400 heads.

cool..that eliminates that,,compression test next,

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