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What the HECK is going on
(02-27-2019, 12:05 AM)detritusmaximus Wrote: i had a similar issue years ago with my 70. Turned out to be a loose terminal on a coil wire. It acted exactly like a switch...basically it was.

I had a similar problem years ago when I was wrenchin' for a living. Customer's car would shut off at cruise - any speed, just constant RPMs. No coughing like a fuel issue, no back firing like a timing or timing chain issue.
I finally found a bad wire on the pickup module in the distributor - the vacuum advance would move it to just the right spot and one of the wires would 'open' causing the car to shut off. As soon as the engine died the vacuum went away, the wire would make and you could start the car again.
I found it by attaching a hose to the vacuum advance and very slowly giving it vacuum to move the plate while idling.
Electrical gremlins can drive you nuts!


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Verify and re-verify you have a good, solid battery -> fender apron -> engine block ground path.

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