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What stupid, abusive things have you done to your Mustang?
When this car was new, I never cared for it in the fasion that it now deserves. I treated it like what is was: a typical car that was probably intended for the junkyard after about 10-15 years.
Once, while in a drunken stupor I accepted a challenge from an equally shit-faced buddy of mine to a race from the bar we were at to my apartment about 15 miles away.
My Mustang versus his 70 Chevelle SS 396 ( really a 402 I think).

On a couple mile stretch of side-by-side 2-laner we were pretty much neck-to-neck, then it was a long stretch of winding one-lane country road. Lots of passing on the shoulders and in the dirt.
The entrance to my apartment complex comes up, I cut esrly across the grass and fishtail into the driveway...almost.
My car was ( apparently) stuck in a slight ditch, I assumed the damn low-hanging cross-member was hung-up...like they get on these cars.
Now, drunk as a skunk I decide to power through it so I just keep hammering away on the gas pedal.
No luck.

I back up a couple feet to get a good running start and it gets stuck in the same spot again.
After several minutes of getting nowhere, my buddy Dennis is out of his car, standing there laughing his ass off at me.

I gave up, decided to leave it there until the next morning and went to my place and passed out.

The next morning when I went down to check it out, I found that I had not gotten the cross-member hung up.

There was a huge decorative boulder about 1000 lbs or more in the grass on either side of the driveway. Somehow in my pickled state I didn't see this giant hulking rock and drove right into it...several times. Backed up and smashed it few more times. There were green, red and golden fluids of death all over the grass, the whole front end was smashed to smithereens.
Si that little adventure resulted in an entire dog-house ( front clip) off of a 72' junk-yard mach 1, along with new radiator, windshield, dash panel, shifter lever and rearview mirror.
And 6 months of "no Mustang to drive regrets".

That poor car has survived several incidents of my complete stupidity over the years. I am embarrased to admit I treated it that way, and of my general youthful irresponsibilty. I am thankful I never hurt anyone over the years.
Now the car is pampered. It will never be as nice as others, but I love it anyway.
when I first bought the car in 2002, I was a Friday, and I was working Saturday morning, the parking lot was empty, I did a ton of donuts until the drivers side tire went flat.
it was fun. it was the first and last time I beet on the car.

now its babied Smile

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
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Hi Kit,

You were a bad boy indeed, wern't you!Tongue

Sorry, but since i've owned my Vert from 2011, i've babied the car all the way.
Can't put my hand up on anything in that department i'm afraid.Hell, i don't take her out in the rain at all, and i don't wash the car in any traditional way also.That's got to be love hasn't it?HeartHeartHeart


Yeah, I was a typical punky-ass teenager & 20-something.. A lot of street-racing, beer-drinking and raising hell. Actually I didnt drink very often, but when i did, i always over-did it. One reason i dont drink at all now.
That poor car of mine has been to hell and back a few times because of me. I atone for those sins by babying it now.
So far - attempted quarter skin replacement on my own. rofl

I think the only bad thing that's happened to mine since I've owned it was getting it off the trailer on day 1. It was winched onto the trailer backward with no ramps (trailer was on an incline and the deck was only an inch off the ground). When it came time to come off, I hopped in... for no reason, really - other than to 'drive' the car off the trailer - Don said he'd let the winch ease it off the trailer (since I had no brakes or steering). The shop's lot had no incline, so I stacked up some boards at the end of the trailer... still had a 6-8 inch drop though. When I was in, he kicked the winch brake lever and we (the car and I) were off like a shot. I hit the end of the trailer, dropped off to the boards with a big bounce and thud, picking up speed, then just before the rear wheels hit the drop-off the boards scattered - so, now it was almost a foot drop-off - and we kept going. Once on the ground, the speedometer actually registered 11 mph before it started slowing down with the gradual up-slope on the other side of the lot. Fortunately, I was lined up with the outside stall and coasted to a stop only 1 foot short of where it needed to be.

I honestly had no good reason to be in the car when it came off - like I said, master cylinder was seized and no keys meant the steering column was locked... I was literally just a passenger in the driver seat. But, at least I was there with the car when it all happened.

From there on out, with the exception of being chopped up, welded on, ground down, and otherwise transformed from a rusted hunk o' junk into a once again living Mustang, there's going to be a lot of babying.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
In 92, i was dropping my wife at work at a warehouse in Buffalo, NY. The warehouse had tractor-trailers all backed up and parked at the loading docks, without the tractor/ cabs attached.
Dropped her off...it was quite a chore to drive that car during the slippery, greasy, snowy driving conditions in a Buffalo winter, but I did.
Slowly...ever so slowly...trying to navigate out of the slippery lot, the car just started sliding uncontrollably straight...dead-eye straight for one of the trailer's tongue/hitch.
No matter what I did I could not slow it down, or turn in any other direction, even though it was only going about 2-3 mph. As I slid towards that trailer it was like a super slow-motion wreck happening.
The trailer tongue was high enough to clear the hood, and long enough so that it speared right into the windshield directly at my face.
I was pushing back on the seat back, trying to scrunch down as the big rubbery stretched-out glob of smashed windshield and the gluey crap inside came towards me, sprinkling millions of bits of microscopic shards of glass all over me and everything else in the interior.
I pushed so hard on the seat back that it broke the frame. If not it would have skewered my head.
The stretchy windshield stopped the car short of doing any body damage except for a small dent in the windshield molding difectly above the steering wheel.
I got out of the car and walked into the warehouse to get my wife. She saw me from about 50 feet away, and right away knew something was wrong, She came running to me, She said I was so pale she thought I was dying or something. When I told her what happened, she could'nt believe it.
After I calmed down, I backed the car off the trailer, drove home carefully, taped a big piece of cardboard over the hole in the windshield, and parked it in the street. It sat there for a few months, I pouted like a baby for a few months, then the wife had a windfall at bingo one night and paid for a new windshield for me.
When I restored the car, I left the dented molding in place. A little reminder of our history together.
    I used to do this a lot.

Vamach1 - 72 Sprint conv & 72 Mach1
when i first got mine, i bought it under the guise that it was in good shape.

it was far from it, even more so later when i really dug into the car and wondered how i did not Die driving it those few times.

the car was buried in the garage of my parents since i did not have a home for it.

an ever growing amount of "mustangs unlimited" and "ohio mustang" and various other parts supplier boxes then began to bury the car even more.

eventually i bought a house and it came time to transfer the car to my new home where it would then have to be torn apart and 90% of it thrown away.

So the big day came to take the car to my new home. my father begged me to tow it he figured it would breakdown at some point along the journey. I ignored him and filled the mustang and his van with as many car part boxes as possible and i took coolant and a fire extinguisher with me.

so after starting it 50 times the engine finally fired, blaring music via the one working speaker from the sear's robuck aftermarket stereo system. and so we begin dad following me behind just in case.

some 20 miles into the uneventful journey and discovering how many of the cars systems were inoperative, no speedo, no horn, told later just the brake lights were working, and constantly feathering the throttle trying to keep the misfiring cleveland going at stop lights i had arrived at a long stretch of straight road at a red light. moderate traffic. so i'm listening to the thumping beats sweating like a pig in a car with no A/C 110 inside the car 90+ outside and doing my footwork dance keeping the engine going, when a Buzzing noise comes from the drivers side.

the buzzing turned out to be a bunch of kids in a rice rocket, kantara stickers on the doors, coffee can muffler... etc. my window is down and its hard to hear anything over the radio and engine making a racket with the headers it had at the time.

so the ricer starts honking me intently. Thinking OMFG the car is on fire and this person is alerting me to that fact, i make eye contact with the driver. the passenger of the car then tells me my car is huge piece of shit and get it off the road.

while that registered, the light turned green and off he went.


So i floored it.... 1000 pounds of parts goes flying to my rear deck, engine back fires loud, almost dies, POP, POP,POP BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

and off i go... in about 5 seconds i blew passed the ricer with a sound only the concord used to make. i'm fighting the steering wheel left and right
as the 1 mile straight section comes to an end. at another red light,, i stomp the brakes, and i am met with that aweseome spongy feel of "we are not stopping", when suddenly the drums lock and thankfully i stop at the light... sweating insane i sit there and that buzzing again comes up on my drivers side... except the rice is now sitting behind my drivers quarterpanel and refuses to make eye contact.

I drive to my new house and park it in the new garage where it would spend the next phase of its life.

20 minutes goes by and my dad is no where to be found. suddenly he shows up.

he saw the entire thing. he starts yelling "how the hell fast was i going?" i said i had no idea as the speedo was not working.
he then changes demeanor and goes "Did you notice you lost something?"


he opens the door on the van and sitting in a carpet still smoking is my exhaust,,, it broke off and fell off the car during my race.

we had a good laugh about it and i threw it underneath the car and off for lunch we went.

you don't even want to know what happened the next day; which is the event known as "my car gave birth" 90+ degrees plus insect life.
and a box of bug bomb.
LOL!! Best. Story. Ever. thumb


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Mister 4x4;169084 Wrote:LOL!! Best. Story. Ever. thumb

Awesome stories!

[Image: 386_07_10_13_5_58_42.jpeg]
My Mustangs:
71 M-code Mach 1, Medium Blue/White Sport, 4R70W, 3L50, Factory Ram Air.
72 Q-code Mach 1, Pewter/Black Sport, 4-spd, 3L25.
65 Convertible, Britney Blue/White/White, more modified than original.
05 Convertible, Legend Lime/Tan/Tan, future classic??
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