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What sanding air tools
Now that I finally have an air compressor that will actually run my air tools I am ready to start working on the body.  What are the tools I need for sanding?  DA, jitterbug?

What is the best air tool for sanding, jitterbug or DA?

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The DA will take more off faster and have lots of different grits you can use. The use of sanders and air tools will be short lived.
Most of your primer sanding and color sanding is done by hand with foam blocks, balsa wood blocks etc. That is the only way you get a smooth flat panel. You can get the foam blocks in various lengths and some have metal rods you can add or pull to change the flexing. If you need a custom block go to the hobby shop and get some balsa wood. Soft flexes and much better than a hard paint stick that lots of guys use. You can also get one of the packs of various foam blocks for sanding curves, radius and such. You will learn when sanding the primer and color to stay away from the hard outside body features. The paint will sand off immediately and you will be spraying again.
When getting a panel flat or even you need to vary the direction you sand often. 
When you go to buy you a small black rubber sanding block take a straight edge with you. Get the flattest one on the shelf. Then go home and put sandpaper on a sheet of glass and make it perfectly flat. Dress it up from time to time.
When building a plastic mold you stone the steel and polish with diamond until it is a mirror. To keep the surface flat you have to vary your direction. Up and Down, Left and Right and on 45 deg. each direction. Do the same thing when you are working the body and it will come out perfect. You can get a can of the 3M graphite guide coat to show the low spots. Some spray on guide coat but not needed.
Go to youtube and watch and learn. The trunk lid is probably the easiest panel on the car so start with it. Get it all aligned before you do much. Your roof will use the longest block don't go to super long like 2' not really needed.

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