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What's on your nightstand? What's inside your waistband?
The home defense recommendation thread got me thinking this might be fun to talk about.

I'm a single action type of guy. My two favorites are a Springer Mil-Spec 1911 in stainless and a HK P30 in 40. They have similar manual of arms since the HK can also be carried in condition one, cocked and locked. It is a tie as to which I like better and both have their strong points. One or the other is on the nightstand. Usually the .45 is on the nightstand because I added a Crimson Trace grip thinking that the red dot would help if I'm somewhat wobbling around from being sound asleep when there is a bump in the night.

They each pull IWB duty with the .40 being the usual carry due to having additional magazine capacity over the .45 (13 rounds vs. 7). However I'll carry the Sig P238 when my clothing selection doesn't support the full size carries. It's a great little or should I say mini-1911, a great shooter and is very easy to make disappear when wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Cool Some days I carry either the .45 or .40 and carry the P238 as an off hand backup...just depends on my mood and where/what I'll be into that particular day. All three have a down sweeping thumb safety.

On my wife's side of the bed is a no nonsense, no fumbling, no safety pink bodied Beretta Nano with pink Hogue grip and red laser. Her EDC is a Bodyguard 380. Both of hers are DAO with similar trigger pull and same basic operation, the 380 just being smaller. Her's are point and click for simplicity and the laser button is in the same location if she wants to use it.

As a side note all my kids (except the two youngest girls who are too young to shoot) say they like both the HK and the 1911 the best because of the way they feel to hold and that there is not much recoil.

[Image: 386_07_10_13_5_58_42.jpeg]
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Depends on the weather and what I'm wearing. Most of the time my last choice for a stopping caliber is what I carry, .32 Beretta. When the clothes allow .40 Hi Power, .45 1911A1 single stack or Para Ordnace go out. Around the property anything goes Smile
I currently carry a Beretta PX4 Storm 3" in 40S&W. Still trying to practice with it and get used to hitting a target with it. Otherwise my favorite gun that i can hit any target with is a full size PX4 Storm in 40 as well. I also have a tiny Ruger LC9 single stack in 9mm if the weight gets to me.
Without being too long winded about this subject a handgun would be the way to go... with training!!

I've had one of these for a few years now, they work great and you can keep them almost anywhere.

[Image: mvb500-image-1.png]
This is a good pistol, easy to handle and not expensive.

[Image: XD9801HCSP06_1200x782.png]

Just my 2 cents..

[Image: 1_24_09_13_4_29_06.png]
On my nightstand is my S&W M&P40C. I also use it for IWB carry, although sometimes I wish it were a tad lighter and thinner, and I'm thinking of getting an M&P Shield in 9mm for daily carry. Haven't done that yet, but hopefully in the next few months. I really like my Crossbreed IWB Holster.

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My side is an Escort 12ga. pump with 18.75 barrel, Amys side is a Sig P220 in .45 cal with red laser. My current carry is OWB Sig P250 compact .45 with civil defense hollows. I will be down sizing to a Ruger LPC9s Pro as the Sig gets a bit heavy after a couple of hours of constant carry. Amys carry is either a Bersa Thunder .380 double stack in a shoulder rig or OTW cross draw or SW Bodygard in her carry purse or Snealy Pete hip pouch or in a body band. I open carry most of the time, that way there is no question as to if I want to be a victim or not.Big Grin

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My CCW piece is an HK P7-M8 in hard chrome. Photo from Ken Lunde's web sight:
[Image: p7psp-left-full.jpg]

It's the gun James Bond wishes he could carry.

I carry it in a Matt Delfatti ISP-4
[Image: 103.JPG]
I carry my xDM Compact .40 and it's on my nightstand as well. I haven't really thought about what my next firearm is going to be. With my Springfield I no longer carry IWB. I now carry OWB with a VERY comfortable holster handmade by Tennessee Holster Company. These guys will be my go to holster company on my next sidearm.

[Image: IMG_20141014_180739728_HDR~2.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20141014_180732220_HDR~2.jpg]

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Oh yeah, holsters... This post is a little off topic to my original idea for this thread but is still applicable in discussing the weapons we trust when our life depends on them.

I have a Comp-Tac MTAC holster in black with swappable Kydex bodies for both of my pistols. Usually it's set up for the 40. It's quite similar to a Crossbreed.
[Image: 10225_1.jpg]

Interesting article with comments comparing two very good and very popular IWB holsters.

I also have a custom leather holster for the 1911. I don't have a pic of it but it looks great and is quite comfortable when sporting a full size 45 all day.

The P238 rides in a pocket holster. I'm thinking about trying a Remora modular 3 in 1 ankle/IWB/pocket holster but have never taken the time to order one. I would use it as an ankle holster but the other methods look like they'd work equally as well.
[Image: product-info-calf.jpg]

One key to successful operation and safety is to consistently carry and train with all the same parameters and not switch up. For me that means I carry pistols that all have the same manual of arms with a down sweeping thumb safety, carried in the same 3:30 IWB position in holsters that feel and operate exactly the same way.

I found this video where the guy went from practicing earlier in the day with a Glock drawn from an IWB holster that has a thumb release to let the weapon come out. Then he switched it up to his 1911 drawn from an OWB with an index finger release. Can you see what's about to happen? shrug2

He had practiced using his right thumb to release the Glock from the holster and developed a muscle memory for that weapon and holster system. The problem was when he switched it up with a completely different setup but his muscle memory was still hanging out with the Glock.

Enter the 1911 and OWB holster. When it was time to perform a full speed quick draw with the 1911 his thumb went to release the Glock as before but instead it released the 1911 thumb safety (oops). But wait, tugging on the gun it wouldn't come out of the OWB holster without pressing the index finger holster release. His fingers, still in Glock mode, were not ready for this maneuver but did press the release and the 1911 was drawn upward. As he drew at performance speed to shoot the bad guy target in front of him his index finger kept pressing during the upward draw and when the finger cleared the holster it kept traveling inward until it reached the beautiful action of the Kimber's 4 pound, short travel, single action trigger. Bang. If there was a real bad guy in front of him, our hero would have either been laughed at by the bad guy for shooting himself (best case) or he would have additional bullet holes in him with no way to defend.

The lesson in this is practice what you will fight with because your muscle memory will fight exactly as you practiced. Don't change it up by mixing different types of triggers/actions, different pistol safety operation, different sights, different mag releases, and/or different holsters. When the adrenalin is pumping you're muscle memory will preform the actions that you've practiced the most but only if you've put in the practice to train those fingers and movements. Let's get to shooting. Wink

Listen for the click of the safety go off just before before the bang...

[Image: 386_07_10_13_5_58_42.jpeg]
My Mustangs:
71 M-code Mach 1, Medium Blue/White Sport, 4R70W, 3L50, Factory Ram Air.
72 Q-code Mach 1, Pewter/Black Sport, 4-spd, 3L25.
65 Convertible, Britney Blue/White/White, more modified than original.
05 Convertible, Legend Lime/Tan/Tan, future classic??
Very good information Don!!

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