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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
What's Next? 85% of the population have no freaking idea Mark. I have verizon but it doesnt matter who your carrier is for the last 5-10years I have always been careful with what you so over the airwaves.
Brave New World.

Maybe Aldous Huxley was Nostrdamus in a different life Smile
If they ask me why I said something - I'll just use the "new-normal" lingo:

"I was just playin'"... Yeah right.

Gentlemen, I'm afraid it is going to get worse before it gets better.


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Much worse I would have to argue. Unfortunately at the moment I think far too many people are willing to give up their civil liberties and privileges in the search of some perceived greater level of security.

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Ever watch the tv show "person of interest"? Thats probably closer to a government reality then we think.

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Well, as someone with a little insight into 'The Biz,' I can honestly say that NSA does not have the capabilities of tracking "everybody's" phone records/conversations. WAY too much information for even them to keep up with - as in (for example - hypothetically), they have 10 billion individual phone records/conversations to sift through per month, and 10 dedicated techs to do it. I don't care how automated the process is, that simply is not going to happen with any kind of ongoing success.

Basically, if you're a known terrorist or anti-American-type individual: be afraid. If you're just an average American citizen trying to live life within the bounds of the law, not so much.

I mention 'capabilities,' simply for the fact that trying to get money out of them to support our systems is like pulling teeth out of a chicken, and I've heard that it's an 'across the board'-type thing.

I know it sounds Orwellian [what's being done], but this is honestly just 'the next step' of monitoring being done by... anybody, really. Why do you think you keep getting new credit card applications from companies you don't know or would care to do business with? Because 'they' are monitoring your credit history... but you're OK with that. Why do you think you see the exact advertisements on websites (or in the mail) for things you might be interested in? Because 'they' are monitoring your shopping habits... but you're OK with that, too. Do you know who 'they' might be? Certainly not anybody who could be held accountable for abusing your privacy. Privately-owned companies are not held to the same standards as government agencies despite how it might appear these days - trust me, there is 'intent' to enforce government standards... even if the current administration is having obvious difficulties in doing so.

'Privacy' is a term that means many things to many people. If you interract with anybody these days, you have no entitlement to 'Privacy.' If you have a car, you're being tracked. If you go to the doctor or dentist, you're being tracked. If you have a credit card, you're being tracked. Even if you insist on 'paying in cash,' you still have to get the cash, and guess what: it's tracked. The only way to get away from it all is to become Amish and live off the grid... and even that will be tracked because of the fact that you're trying to live off the grid (like most terrorists do). Face it - 'Privacy' any more means that you can still probably get away with farting in the bathroom (as long as the door is closed and nobody's home). Wi-Fi routers these days track your online usage and even locations within the service area. This is just the beginning, people... and you're only outraged (as it were) because the media is reporting that a government agency is trying to use this methodology to track terrorists and potentially prevent attacks on our nation and people - but could seemingly care less if other private citizens (employed by privately-owned companies) have access to your PII (Personal Identifying Information) and ultimately, your money and financial security... "life itself" (which, coincidentally, is also in the hands of a privately-owned company).

I've got FOX News on right now, and the man explaining exactly what NSA is doing (and not doing) was my former squadron commander here at Goodfellow AFB just 10 years ago. His name is Cedric Leighton (Col, USAF Ret.), and I can honestly say he's an honest man with great integrity - a straight shooter... despite what the media would have you believe.

I know that won't hold much (if any) water with a lot of people, but it's the truth and as a Verizon customer myself, I have no reason to defend anybody pulling my own phone records (or credit reports, or shopping habits, etc., etc., etc.).

Sorry for the novel...


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With all of the calls Don gets at OMS, I'm sure he's on the shortlist of "persons of interest". Besides, isn't Wolverine one of the most "Interesting Persons" in the world?

Let me check your shorts!

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Mister 4x4;128624 Wrote:...
I know that won't hold much (if any) water with a lot of people, but it's the truth and as a Verizon customer myself, I have no reason to defend anybody pulling my own phone records (or credit reports, or shopping habits, etc., etc., etc.).

Sorry for the novel...

I believe terrorism was the original intention of collecting and monitoring all the data but it has "potential" for abuse by a Government who could use it to target certain citizens/groups and their associations for reasons other than terrorism.


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the checkpoints already exist.

just Google "illegal checkpoints in America" or "unconstitutional checkpoints"

so nice living in the decline of a civilization.
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