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What's a fair price?
Hi All, I'm new to the forum but have found a lot of good info here. I'm in the market for a Mach 1 and although there are a couple of nice (restored) ones for sale, they are a bit out of my price range. I have however found a 71 Mach 1 M code, C6 with factory air for sale locally, all original, 100k miles and solid driver condition. Assuming no major mechanical problems what would be a fair offer?

It's really tough to price the 71-73's. The market is really growing and value is increasing daily! I've seen some of the best specimens for around $26K but in the condition you described, I'd venture a guess at around $8-10K Maybe less depending on condition of paint and stuff like that. Again, I'm just conversationally throwing some numbers out there!

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Totally agree with barry... Our era mustangs are soon going to be at the 69-70 price range, that's for sure...
There are a lot of things to take into account in order to buy good...
I'll start for a non accidented car and then, unmodofied original condition...
You can actually get a factory original unmodified car cheaper than a several times amateur "restored" one and its potential value in money and in classic car value is certainly different from tupas start points...
You can pay 10k for a great start point car or 6 for a fair one... It is still a fair price... What i won't do is pay 8 for a tunning bad treated car almost imposible to restore...
Post some pics of the car and the guys will help you great time!!

Damián Cool

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Thanks fellas! I will be sure to post up some pics soon and would welcome your feedback. I've drag raced clevelands for years. Just sold the race car and looking for something fun to drive and restore with some appreciation potential.

I had a 69 Mach 1 in highschool (late 80s) and a buddy with a 71 Boss 351. The boss was totaled shortly after graduating (sigh). Always had a fondness of the 71-73 fastbacks.
The $8-$10K sounds close if everything is there and the major components work. Much depends on RUST and RUST followed by missing parts, poor body work, and modification you don't like.

yup i agree.....8 to 10 grand should get you a nice looking mach or fastback with some issues....20 or 30 grand you will get a cream puff that your afraid to drive cause its so nice.....but like i tell freinds..still much cheaper than a new camery that will fall like a rock...good time to be getting a 71-73 fastback while the market is still a tad low on them.

got a thing for the fastbacks my self...i got mine in highschool..and im lucky i didnt roll mine during my youth..lol......that boss would be worth a minty now..thats too bad...but that is what makes are cars worth more each day..kids destroying them..and accidents...have thinned the herd lol.
I kind of have a thing for them too! Look for rust in the cowl area. Open the glove box, shine a light at the cowl & observe for rust. Second look for all the parts being there. A moderately optioned complete car with a fair amount or rust $2500. Same car with very little or no rust $8 -10k. Post some pics & we'll offer our thoughts.

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I would be most concerned with the condition of the body than mechanical. IMHO the mechanics are a lot easier and cheaper to fix that major rust areas. Good luck with your purchase.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

Here are some pics of a car I'm considering. '71 M code mach 1 with C6. Original Grabber green metalic with white interior. It's a driver that needs some interior and paint work to be really nice. No obvious rust damage. AC blows cold and has had ft/r suspension refreshed. Original engine and trans with some performance upgrades. I think asking price is a little steep. $16.5k

Maybe a little high but looks pretty nice overall
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