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What ram air is this one?
(07-14-2017, 12:26 PM)secluff Wrote: Rich, seems as though there wasn't a lot of consistency when it came to marking the duct and valves (Snorkels). I've seen 'em with prefix, basic number and suffix, some with just prefix and suffix, and others with nothing at all. With the hundreds of different ones Ford used for automotive, truck, industrial etc, identifying them can really be difficult.
The part number for the duct and valve for 71-72 351 is D1OZ-9A626-B (D1OF-9D626-BA). The 73's used D3ZZ-9A626-E (D3SF-9D626-AB, AC).
Got your PM on the air cleaner housing. Will check my info and see what I can find out.


What does the "SF" in D3SF-9D626-AB represent? I have seen ZZ and OE before, but not SF. Also am I correct in assuming the  "AC" suffix would typically be used on an A/C car snorkel?

Thanks again for all the info. I appreciate all your time and help.
1973 H Code Convertible - Medium Copper Metalic - A June 8, 1973, Built Ford Marketing Sales Vehicle
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Rich, I don't mind helping where I can with these numbers. I worked with them for many years and understand the confusion they are capable of causing because of all the variables.
It took a lot of parts just to "Screw" one of our Mustangs together. Just imagine all the effort it took to design, engineer, and to assign engineering numbers to every single part on every car or truck in Fords entire product line, from a simple fastener to body and trim panels and powertrain. When the engineers deem which parts they want to release for service, then parts and service is responsible for assigning Service part numbers. Parts are "Shared" whenever possible to cut down on redundancy. So you will see D1OZ radiator supports on our cars which are 70-71 Torino parts or D1AE OR D1VE on radiators which are sourced from full size Fords or Lincolns.
The third letter "S" denotes a part from the Thunderbird product line. The fourth is where you will see a lot of numbers end with "E" or "F". E is a part where design responsibility went to Engine Engineering, Engine Product and Manufacturing. "F" was a part where design responsibility went to Electronics Division, Product Engineering. So even though its an air cleaner part, since they now included sensors which provided feedback for emissions components, they were the Electronics group responsibility now!
The suffix indicates revision levels. A, AA, A1A are numbers you'll normally see indicating  the initial release for a part. When you see AB, AC, AD etc, that indicates a first, second, or more design or function change for that part.
I will also add that you will never see an actual part number cast or molded in or printed on a part. The primary purpose of the engineering number was for engineering design use and for assembly plant component ID. At that time no one was sure which parts would be released for service so none were assigned part numbers. The parts you buy over the counter were identified by a part number on the box or a tag or sticker applied to the part.

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