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what is your close call while driving in a car ?
this is the most recent .but there has been others . i was going down the freeway about 70 mph ,the other day i happened to be glancing at the on coming traffic on the other side of the concrete divider between the freeway saw a large truck loose its very large rear tire and wheel .it jumped up on top of the concrete divider ,and rode on top for at least 60 + feet heading at me .i thought i'm gonna die. then it flew back onto the oncoming traffic side. in my rear view mirror i saw a lot of red lights and smoke .wow close one . i do hope the other drivers are all ok.
I'm in Houston....which day would you like to hear about?

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Shit mate that would of made your arse pucker for sure. I rode bikes everyday for years regardless of weather got a far few stories. Sliding a skinny 21in front wheel into a tram line in the rain in the middle of old Melbourne town rates up there though.

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Yeah, my whole life I've never lived closer than an hour from where I worked, that list could be pretty lofty in wildlife alone let alone the idjuts. I live in rural Indiana our family total for deer strikes alone is 11. I've hit a deer with ever vehicle I've owned at least once. The last Jeep I owned had two strikes on it before I owned it and I added it's third. Smile
geez where do I start....I've logged nearly 1.4 million miles in work travel alone.

So here are some of my favorites as teasers:

Kissing this REALLy large... oh wait I may not be able to say that, chick looking up and headed Straight toward a guard rail as the road turned to my right.

Following a car as we approached a patch of black ice on my motorcycle

being chased by the DPS (highway patrol) at speeds over 120 in my 67 400 hp coupe

Laying down my Goldwing in the mountains of N.C. BEFORE going to the Dragon which I might say was successful

taking a fellow home ...on a wet blacktop street in my exceptionally super clean 63 ford short bed truck...street was wet at the LAST minute he says TURN HERE!!! . I put on the brakes and she went sideways .... I'm sliding sideways and the road is now right in front of me...I shift down and punch it....son of a .... it caught traction and bolted down the street as IF I had was a NASCAR driver or an early version of Drifting professional and had it planned the whole time.

although the large ...wait there it goes again.... blonde was an awesome experience...the drag race and being chased was exhilarating ...the incident with the 63 was the BEST!!!

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
On an icey road, an oncoming car lost control and started spinning... heading into my lane. It just so happened that this particular section of the road didn't have trees lining the berm.

So, I veered off into the ditch, into about 6-8 inches of snow, gave it some gas, and came back up onto the road just after the guy barely missed me.

I was so lucky! Not only did I avoid an accident, but I didn't get stuck in a snow-covered ditch either.
About 1982 at Hallett Motor Raceway during a Shelby Meet I was having a lot of fun in the Boss 351. It was running exceptionally well and I was one of the fastest cars in my group. I was finally getting enough speed on the straight to try and pass this ultra nice and ultra fast '67 GT-500 runnning dual 4's! I barely made the pass and it was time to brake and downshift. When I hit the brakes they were already too hot from previous laps! Not near enough brakes to slow for the 90 degree left-hander (turn 1)!!! I decide to rev the motor to try and match the rpm for third gear but it was not good enough. The minute I let out the clutch the tires broke loose and sent me into a strong spin off into the grass! The car actually sped up on the damp grass! I fortunately missed the tree and just gathered up some grass and a little mud. I re-entered the track, tried to clean off the tires by weaving back and forth in the marbles on the edge of the track and doing a mini-burnout then carefully made my way to the pits! I made it back out to the track during the afternoon session but it was a little more reserved!!! Dick Smith (famed Cobra driver) was there conducting our drivers' school. He apparently didn't see or hear about my off-track excursion and said, "you are squirting (gassing) that cleveland hard". I just replied, "yes sir I am!" I shook his hand and walked off. We visited later when he gave me a ride in a new Mustang around the track. He was fun to ride with - he talked me though the proper line with each the corner. He wasn't the smoothest race driver I've had the opportunity of riding with. That would have to go to Rick Titus - famed team Saleen driver/1986 Endurance Road Racing Champions and son of Shelby driver, Jerry Titus. He was very impressive. I rode with him in a rare RS-200. The car was very balanced and he drove it very quick but it felt like a snow sled ride through smooth powder. The ride with Dick Smith was fun and fast but much more violent and harder on the car! I'm sure the different cars/platforms had a lot to do with it but I know I enjoyed both!

So back to the thread topic - I learned a lot of respect for the differnt components (especially the BRAKES) of vehicles after that spin in the Boss. I've had a few close calls in other vehicles but that was and stil is the most memorable!


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Too many to count. I should have been dead a long time ago...

- Travis

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I was stationed at Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and rather bored on a Superbowl Sunday (didn't care about football, didn't feel like hanging out with anybody)... so I took off in my '82 Mustang and just went driving. I was just putzing along and found myself in La Luz, thinking about taking the road to High Rolls, since I'd never gone that way before. It was a rather mountainous area, and once I got toward the top of the hill facing the valley, there was a sweeping left curve around the face of the hill - 500 ft drop on the right side, more mountain going up on the left side. Since I was bored, feeling kind of lonely and anti-social, maybe even a little depressed and not paying attention on a road I'd never driven before. I was also moving at a fairly good pace - 65-70mph or so... which was a little too fast for the curve and also the adhesion quality of the brand new Goodyear Eagle GTs I'd just had installed. I lost traction, the back end came around toward the passenger side, and the next thing I know, I hit the embankment (or maybe it was the side of the mountain) on the inside of the curve facing the opposite way I'd just come. I hit it hard enough that it shoved some rocks into and past the beads of the passenger side tires... somehow without losing any air pressure whatsoever - and that was it... no other visible damage. I also somehow managed to stay on the road, completely out of control, and not simply slid off the hill (no guard rail, BTW). Fortunately, there was no traffic either, otherwise I might've crashed into someone coming the other way as I spun out in front of and into the oncoming lane. After that wake-up call, I got out, walked to the edge of where the guard rail should've been, looked down, and immediately had a much better outlook on life. Also, I believe the road was banked in toward the mountain side of the curve, which is probably the main reason for staying on the road. Got back in the car, and started driving back down the hill, fully expecting bent rims, axles, steering, or "something"... but everything was fine.

So, going too fast on a mountain road, lost control, hit an embankment sideways, didn't damage the car, and didn't slide off the side of a mountain to my death. I'd call that a close call.


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I've got two experiences on motorcycles that would make most people quit riding. And both were witnessed. The first happened in 1994. I was moving and riding my CB 750 to the new house. Going through Trucker's Curve in Nashville (a long left hand sweeper) I had an 18 wheeler to the left of me, lose the tread off of a trailer tire. The tread flew straight at my head and I only had time to lean and crouch a tiny bit before the tread flew harmlessly over my head.

The second incident was 3 years ago when I was riding my Buell White Lightning. At about 85-90 mph I had an oil filter back off and the entire contents of the crankcase dumped all over the underside of my bike and rear tire. I was leaned over a bit in a curve at the time and ever so slowly managed to get upright and straight and coast across to the shoulder and stop.

I've totalled cars with less drama than those two incidents!

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